Chapter 3: A New Day

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{Michael's POV}

The book slowly raised from the desk and was making its way to the shelf. I squinted my eyes trying to concentrate.

Just a little higher...

"MICKEY! WHERE THE HELL IS MY ACNE CREAM?" Lilly screamed opening my door making me jerk in surprise causing the book that was previously floating to move across the room hitting Lilly in the face.

"OW!" she squeals and I gape at her with wide eyes. Oops.

"What the hell was that?!" She yelled at covering her nose and glaring at me

"Um, I was about to throw that book in the garbage but then you opened the door and I guess it just flew out of my hand. You know me...bad aim" I chuckle nervously hoping she didn't see me using my powers.

"It didn't look like you had bad aim when you threw that football yesterday" she sneers and I roll my eyes

"Well that's none of your business" I answer and she snorts

"Of course it is. Logan is my boyfriend you know" She replies still holding her nose...hopefully it's swollen.

"Oh really, is that why he bangs Jessica Radley in the janitor's closet every day before homeroom?" I ask in a fake curious voice

"What the fuck are you talking about?" She yells and turns so red that it's humorous.

"Nothing you shouldn't already know" I smirk

"By the way I haven't seen your stupid acne cream but by the looks of it..." I trail off as I get up from my bed and scan her face

" really wasn't working" I laugh as I see her shocked face when I shut the door. Wow, that felt good. To think Lilly was actually kind once...when she was like 8. Life really changes people.

I quickly get up and do all the morning necessities before getting dressed and making my way downstairs.

"Hey" My dad says and I nod

"Come get some eggs Mickey" My mom yells from the kitchen and I huff. I don't really like eggs. I walk to the kitchen only to find a bowl of cereal on the table instead of eggs. What the...?

"Um, these are not eggs?" I questioned and she rolls her eyes

"Would you like eggs?" She gave me a knowing look

"Nope" I smiled and took a seat, eating the cinnamon toast crunch.

"I called you because I wanted to know if things are all good at school" Mom said and I shrugged

"It could be better" I said and started to think about it

"I meant with Jessica" She whispered as if she was scared the say the name. My wolf let out a low growl.

"Don't mention that bitch's name" I said roughly losing my appetite and my dad came in the kitchen

"Who the fuck just said bitch?" he asks and my mom looks at him wide eyed

"Parker!" she scolds and he pouts at her

"Sorry babe" he said and looked at me

"What were you guys talking about?" He asks curiously

"Nothing" Mom and I said in unison and he sighs

"I swear sometimes I think you and Avery keep more secrets than me and Avery do" he frowns playfully and my mom laughs

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