Chapter 13: Unbelievable

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{Michael's POV}

"You're finally awake!" I smile as I walk in the room and see Amy's beautiful eyes open

"Ugh, what happened?" She rubs her head as she groans

"You were kidnapped by the Rogue King" I say

"Oh god, how'd you get me?" She asks

"We had some help" I smirk

"Come on" I gesture and lead her into the living room

"OW! WHAT THE HELL!" Blake yells

"Sorry, I guess that didn't work either" Xena laughs and Blake glares at her as he rubs his arm. Currently we were trying to unbind Blake's powers, so that he can become the hybrid and learn how to control his abilities. The only problem is, Xena is having difficulty finding the right spell to give him his powers back.

"This is just so hard because the witch or warlock who made this binding spell is dead so it's even harder to break it." Xena exclaims

"Um, Mickey. Who is that guy and that women?" Amy whispers to me

"That is Xena and this is Blake" I respond and Blake stretches out his arm to shake Amy's hand. Amy grabs ahold of it with a smile when suddenly she freezes, holding on to the arm and her eyes shut close.

"Amy?" I yell worriedly and I was about to shake her

"STOP! Don't touch her. Blake just stay still" Xena shouts and I back away. All of a sudden Amy opens her eyes and let's go of Blake.

"You had a vision right?" Xena asks

"Yes, how did you know?" Amy replies

"Honey, I'm a witch. I know everything. Now tell me what did you see?" Xena says

"It was like a war or something. Everyone was fighting, there was destruction and death. Blake was fighting the Rogue King and Mickey was using his powers to help. Then someone died, and Blake dropped to the ground. I don't know if it was Blake that died and he was dropping to the ground in pain or if it was someone else and he was just grieving, it was unclear." Amy explains

"Why did she have a vision?" I ask

"She's a rare wolf. Her kind is called seer wolves. I've only ever met one...well now two. They have visions to predict the future. Was this your first time?" Xena says

"Yeah, it was." She replies

"All of you have special abilities. The moon goddess has brought you all together for a reason and I'm guessing it's this war. We have to break this spell that is on Blake" Xena explains and closes her eyes facing Blake.

"Hakuna minso kumbidum!" She shouted and Blake yelled in pain again

"It didn't work" I say

"Wait...I've got it!" She exclaims

"Mina musulin amhu brandmax!" She yells and opens her eyes

We all look over at Brady and a light green glow surrounded his body. We heard the snapping of his bones as he yelled in pain and then suddenly the glow no longer surrounded him.

"Blake are you ok?" Xena asks and I walk over to him

"My body is sore" he answers

"Oh my god. Your eyes" I shout

"What about them?" He yells

"T-they're not um, light blue anymore. They're like p-purplish" I say amazed

"Wow, they're so pretty" Amy says

Hm, maybe that was his original eye color and the binding potion took that away from him too." Xena says

"I want to see" Blake said and took out his phone to look at himself in the camera

"Cool" he smirks

"Ok, so can you transform?" I ask

"I don't know" Blake says

"Let's go outside" Amy says and we all follow her outside

"So how do you shift? Do you have to like say anything?" Blake asks and immediately we all start laughing

"It's not funny! I've never shifted before and I've never seen someone shift!" Blake yells at us and we sober up

"Wow you're parents were very protective of you then" I say amazed. He never even saw another werewolf shift. That's just crazy.

"So are you gonna tell me or what...?" Blake trailed off

"Ok so just think about the form of a wolf. Concentrate" I told Blake and he took a deep breath before closing his eyes. A few moments later he opened one eye and shook his head.

"It's not working" He says solemnly

"Just try harder" I push and he rolls his eyes before trying again. This time, a few moments later we heard bones cracking and morphing. We all looked at Blake's wolf and trust me when I say this wolf is definitely one of a kind.

His wolf eyes stayed at the same bright purple color except now it had golden flecks in them. His wolf fur coat was of grey, a few stands of black and brown highlights. Then his tail was purely white. It was like a combination of each wolf's color.

"Wow Blake" Xena whispers and Blake looks up at me. His wolf takes a sniff of the air and nods his head towards the woods. Does he want me to shift?

"Blake, try to mindlink me" I say because I remember Xena saying that a hybrid could mindlink anyone, even if they weren't in his pack. I saw Blake's wolf's features show no emotion and that he was concentrating. A few seconds later, I hear a voice in my head.

'Mickey, I smell something so good. My wolf is urging me to go into the woods. Shift and come with me. I'm still new to this, I kinda don't wanna get lost and stuff' Blake says through the mindlink

'Ok' I respond

Can Blake be smelling his mate?

I quickly shift into my black wolf with white streaks and follow Blake into the woods.

'Where are you going?' I hear Amy ask through the mate mindlink and I smile internally.

'Blake smells something in the woods. He told me to come with him. I think it's his mate' I answer

'Oh ok' She replies and I continue to follow Blake.

We stop behind a huge rock and we both raise our heads to peek over. There was a medium red colored wolf by the lake. It was drinking some water when it suddenly stopped and took one sniff of the air. The wolf quickly raced behind a tree and I'm guessing the person shifted.

The girl walked out from behind the tree and I froze when I saw who it was.

She look directly at us and looked shocked and scared at the same time.

"Mate" she whispers and I was still frozen in disbelief

How could this be happening?

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