Chapter 4: Laser tag

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{Michael's POV}

I threw up in the toilet for the fifth time today.

"Dude again?" Andrew calls out from my room

"Shut up!" I yelled and brushed my teeth yet again

I wasn't feeling very well today. I kept throwing up, my wolf felt very agitated and my insides felt like they were burning.

I didn't go to school, but that was okay because we had a half day, since today was the formal shit. Andrew decided to also stay home from school, claiming he was my only friend and that he needed to help me through these rough times.


I came out of the bathroom and saw Andrew laying on my bed eating some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

"No eating on my bed!" I shouted and he rolled off in surprise

"What the hell man?" he yelled because the ice cream spilled all over his shirt

"Sorry" I said and held out a hand to help him up

"Thanks" he groans

"This was my favorite shirt!" he pouted and I grin

"Well you should think about changing that" I joke as I pretend to look at his shirt in disgust

"Hey!" He exclaims and I laugh walking out of my room with him following behind me

"Hey honey. Hey Andy" My mom smiles when she sees both of us

"Andy?" I ask the same time Andrew says

"Hello Luna"

"Oh please call me Avery or I don't know...Mrs. Maxwell" she gushes

"Andy?" I repeated and my mom drew her attention to me

"Oh I just came up with that. Cool right?" she grins and Andrew nods

"Uh huh" I say slowly and she pouts

"You're mean" Mom says and I roll my eyes

"So...who are your dates to the formal?" she asks excitedly and I gulp

"Um, we're not going to that" Andrew decides to speak up and my mom's expression drops

"Why not?" she said a bit loud

"Because" I answer

"Because what?" she replies

"Because I really, REALLY don't want to" I say showing her my 'don't push it' face. She silently sulked as she walks away.

"Fine" she grumbled to herself

"Wow." Andrew says

"Wow, what?" I ask

"The Luna, or should I say your mom is pretty hot" He smirks when I look at him in disgust

"What did you say?" A voice said and my eyes widened. Uh oh.

"Um, nothing Alpha." Andrew gulped in fear and I bit my lip.

"Well I thought I heard you say that you think my wife is hot?" Dad approaches Andrew

"Of course not! I was just kidding" Andrew chuckles nervously and my dad's eyes turn dark.

"What's going on?" My mom suddenly asks as she approaches my dad and rests her hand on his arm. His eyes immediately return to normal and he hugs her, nuzzling his nose by her neck.

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