Chapter 14: Problems

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{Michael's POV }

I immediately ran behind the nearest tree and shifted, before grabbing the pair of shorts from inside the tree and pulling them on.

When I come back out, I see that Blake is already back to his human form and has on a pair of shorts also.

"What the fuck" I blurt out and both of them look at me

"Michael I know I-" She started to say but I cut her off

"Don't you mean pity Mickey? Or at least that's what you used to call me. Oh wait, that was before you rejected me." I growl out and she purses her lips

"Rejected him?" Blake asks looking very confused

"Yes. This bitch was my mate and she rejected me. Oh by the way, her name is Jessica in case you want to know her name before she rejects you too" I shout and Jessica looks down. That's right, stare at the ground, bitch.

"Don't call her a bitch" Blake says roughly and I laugh

"I'll call her whatever I want to call her" I remark and I see Blake trying to control his wolf. Don't worry, she'll reject you too, so you don't need to go through this jealousy.

"Michael you don't understand..." She says sadly and I think I even witness a tear sliding down her cheek. Even though she rejected me, I still care about her. I can't help it. She was my first mate.

"I'm sorry" she says and now she was full on sobbing

"What's your name?" she asks Blake sniffling

"Blake Lexington" he smiles and she nods

"I truly am sorry. But I have to" her voice cracks and an endless amount of tears pour out her eyes. Damn. At this rate she'll dehydrate.

"I, Jessica Radley, reject you, Blake Lexington" Jessica cries and my eyes widen. She's doing this shit again?! I run over to Blake to help calm him down cause he was about to feel an overwhelming amount of sadness and anger. Trust me, I know.

"Blake are you ok?" I ask slowly and Blake looks at me with a questioning gaze

"I'm fine" He shrugs and Jessica stares at him

"It's ok. You can tell me the truth" I try to comfort him and he chuckles

"I don't feel anything. Was whatever she said supposed to do something?" he asks and now I'm fucking confused.

'Can you please tell Xena to come meet me and Blake? Guide her to us with our scent' I mindlink Amy. Something weird was going on and I'm sure Xena will know what to do.

'Ok' she responds

A few moments later Xena appears with Amy and I wave them over.

"Who is this?" Amy asks referring to Jessica

"Um, that was my first mate and apparently Blake's current mate. But, she just rejected him and he doesn't feel anything." I say and I see Amy tense up in the corner of my eye when I say that Jessica was my former mate. I walk over to where Amy stood and take a hold of her hand. Intertwining our fingers, I look to Xena for an answer.

"Are you stupid? Sorry honey, hate to break it to you to but Blake cannot be rejected" Xena laughs at Jessica and I swear all the color drains from Jessica's face as she let the words sink in.

"Why can't he be rejected?" I ask

"Well I would tell you but, do you want Jessica to know who Blake is?" Xena replies

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