Chapter 20: Fight

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{Michaels POV}

"Uh...whats going on?" I stop mid yawn as I see Wyatt and my parents in the living room.

"What are you doing up?" My mom asks me and I shrug

"I was thirsty" I respond before raising a brow as I wait for them to respond to my previous question.

"Well..?" I trail

"We were just talking" My dad says

"About what?" I push

"I don't really think it's any of your business" Wyatt buts in and I scoff

"Well lets're in my pack, in my house, talking with my parents, probably about my sister. So, yes I think it is my business." I reply and smirk when Wyatt's expression fell.

"We were just discussing this whole mate thing" My dad says and I take a seat next to my mom

"What about it?" I ask

"Well, Lily would have to move to Wyatt's pack. But we don't know if we should wait until she at least finishes high school" My mom says

"No" Wyatt cuts in

"I think waiting until she finishes high school is a good idea" I give my opinion and Wyatt glares at me

"She can finish high school at my pack" Wyatt adds

"Yeah, but all her friends and family are here. Have you even considered her opinion on this? Shouldn't she be at this little discussion?" I stand up

"What's the use of taking her to your pack so you can be with your mate if she'll resent you?" I continue

"Think about it" I say finally before leaving them and returning to my bed



"Are you sure you haven't seen Blake?" Amy asks me and I shake my head again before returning to my cereal

"But he was right here two hours ago?!" Amy shouts and I shrug

"Amy, he probably didn't want breakfast and walked to school." I say calmly. I have no idea why she's freaking out.

"I just...I have a bad feeling" Amy says

"What do you mean?" I ask curiously and push away the rest of my cereal

"I can't explain it. I'm not having a vision like...before but, I'm having this like negative feeling" Amy explains

"Let's go" I say shooting up from my seat and make my way through the door

"Wait, your sister!" Amy yells from behind me

"She's not coming to school today. She dealing with...Wyatt related problems" I shout back and rush in the car

"Ok" Amy replies and gets in

5 minutes later we arrive at the school to see people crowded around something. Shit, I don't think this is gonna be good.



"What the hell is going on?" Amy whispers to me over all the yelling

"Let's get to the front" I reply and start to push through people while pulling Amy along. Damn.

Blake and the rogue king's son are fucking murdering eachother. I didn't even think the rogue king's son went to the this school.

"Oh my god. Michael!" I hear someone cry out in relief from my far left and I see Jessica sobbing as the scene in front of us unfolds.

"What the hell is happening?" I shout

"Xander w-wanted to drop me off to school today. Blake was walking to school and Xander accidentally hit him. Blake was fine but initially I felt Blake's pain and I yelled out. Xander figured it out. H-he figured out we were mates and he got out of the car and starting beating Blake. I-I can't-I'm feeling all the pain" Jessica cries and lets out a scream when the rouge king's son, aka, Xander, kicks Blake in his gut.

"Mickey what are you going to do!" Amy yells and goes over to hold Jessica who looks like she's two seconds away from passing out.

"Hold on" I say and run forward, behind a nearby tree.

'Blake, you need to get up. Jessica is feeling all of your pain. You need to fight back' I mindlink Blake

'Mickey, I can't. I can't get up. I just need to get up.' Blake groans through the mindlink

'I can help with that' I reply

I focus my view on Blake's form lying on the ground as he suffers blow after blow. I lift my hand a bit and as I concentrate, I see Blake's body slowly lifting from the ground. I try to push him onto his feet with my powers and soon he is fully standing. While Xander is trying to get out of his phase of shock, Blake punches him right in the face. He staggers back and Blake kicks him in his chest making him fall to the ground.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!" The principal decides to come out now. These fucking teachers are always late.

"GET TO CLASS!" he yells out and all the students run out of sight

"Let's skip today" I say to Amy, Blake and Jessica. Xander drove away as soon as the principal came out. Probably running home to daddy.

"Ok" Blade wipes some blood off of his knuckles

"I'm sorry" he whispers to Jessica

"It wasn't your fault" she sniffs and grabs ahold of his hand, inspecting his bruised knuckles

"We need to get you clean-" Jessica began to say but then stopped

"Whats wrong?" I ask

"Look!" Jessica yells and I walk closer, along with Amy to see Blake's skin all of a sudden clear up. As if there was absolutely nothing there.

"Regular werewolves heal but it takes at least an hour to become as good as new. Yours healed in 2 minutes!" Amy exclaims

"Probably another factor with being a hybrid" I say as I look at his knuckles

"Wow" Jessica whispers

"Wait...oh my god! I feel so much better now" Jessica says confused.

"What do you mean?" Amy asks

"I was feeling the after effect of the fight and all in the pain that Blake had but, just now it was like everything was lifted. I feel...lighter" Jessica explains

"Maybe it's because Blake just healed, since you're his mate it affected you too." I assume

"Amazing!" Amy grins

"Come on, let's go" I say

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