Chapter 22: After

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{Michael's POV}

"Pick the phone back up!" Someone yells and I scramble to get the phone back in my hands

"So she's his vampire mate" I confirm

"Yes she must be" Xena replies

"Ok what do I do? They're burning up the closer they get to each other" I say

"Where are you guys?" Xena asks

"Um we're at a party at Wyatt's pack" I try to say while pressing my hand against Blake's forehead. I think he would have broken a thermometer for sure.

"You guys need to go in the woods. Away from all the people, it's too crowded there" Xena instructs and I lower the phone to tell the others what she said. We all start moving out of the house. Damon, carrying Bella, Amy and Wyatt dragging Blake, I have idea where Andrew is and Amy and Lily are clearing the way through the crowd so we can pass.

"Ok we're out here" I say through the phone

"Alright, Blake needs to shift"

"Um I don't think I can. I'm in so much pain right now" Blake groans

"He has to" Xena told me

"Blake, just take deep breaths and just focus on shifting." I say calmly

"I really can't!" Blake pants

"You can do it" Bella trembles in Damon's arm and I guess that was what pushed Blake over the edge because the next thing you know, he shifted.

I always get so mesmerized by his wolf because of its coat, not to mention the eyes and I could tell Bella and Damon were too.

"Wow, he doesn't look like the werewolves I've seen" Damon says

"Thats cause hes not" Amy say quietly and I look at her wide eyed and she gasps

"What'd you say?" Bella moans

Of course they heard. Vampires have enhanced hearing too.

"Nothing" Amy shakes her head

'Mickey, it's ok. She's my mate ' Blake tells me though the mindlink

'Are you sure' I confirm through the mindlink

I look over at Blake and his wolf gives a little nod

'I think we should tell them later since Wyatt, Lily and Damon are here too.'

'Good idea'

"Wow I feel so much better" Bella speaks up and Damon puts her down

"What about you?" Bella looks at Blake and his wolf nods

"Michael...Michael...MICHAEL!" I heard yelling on the other side of the phone. Oops I didn't realize Xena was still on the line.

"Sorry" I mutter

"Wait so what happens when he shifts back?" I ask

"Things should be fine now. As long as Blake's wolf form has familiarized himself with her." Xena answers

"What do you mean by familiarize?" Bella asks

"Am I on speaker mode Mickey?" Xena asks

"Uh yeah" I reply

"Oh ok" Xena says

"I mean that you have to touch him while he's in wolf form" Xena continues

"Oh" Bella looks over to Blake

"Can I go now Mickey? You know, I was watching a movie before you called" Xena complains

"Ooo what movie?" I ask

"Goodbye" Xena says before hanging up and I laugh

"Well B, you have to touch him" Damon chuckles

"Shut up" Bella says before hitting him and then she proceeded to walk forward

Blake's head automatically jolted up and it looked like he was eager for her to touch him. Bella put her hand on his head hesitantly, but as soon as it hit her fingers she grinned.

"Wow" she whispers and glides her fingers through his fur

"There are shorts and a shirt behind the trees" Wyatt said and Blake went behind a tree before shifting and coming back out with clothes on.

"So...let's start over. I'm Belladonna, but you can call me Bella. What's your name?" Bella smiles as she stretches out her hand for him to shake

"Im Blake" Blake smiles and I have to say this is the happiest I've seen him be

"Can I just say, your eyes and your wolf are very beautiful" Bella says and her cheeks tinted red

"Thanks" Blake chuckled

"So are you from around here?" Blake asks

"Nah, the closest werewolf pack to where I live would have to be..." Bella trails off while she thinks about it

"Sis, it's the silver moon pack" Damon interjects

"Oh yes! The Silver Moon pack" Bella nods

"Thats our pack!" Lily squeals

"It's not yours anymore" Wyatt gives her a look and she frowns

"Right" Lily mutters

"Wow such a coincidence! I guess I'll be seeing you guys more often then" Bella laughs

"Wait, I'm sorry. I've just always had this question about vampires" Amy blurts

"Ask away" Damon says

"Do you guys have mates?" Amy asks

"Um, not in the way you guys do. You guys have soulmates and a bond and all of that, but vampires have like a person who could be your soulmate. Like for you guys, you would definitely know when you find your mate. For vampires, if you see the person you will have various emotions, but then again you don't have a bond like werewolves do so you don't necessarily have to be with that person. If that makes sense" Damon tries his best to explain

"But, vampires rarely find that certain person. So we've only heard legends of how it's supposed to play out."

"Oh well...thanks" Amy smiles

"So are we going back to the pack now?" Amy asks

"Yeah I guess" I shrug

"Wait before you go, tell me exactly what you're going to say to your parents about my pack. Make it good stuff cause Lily is staying here with me no matter what you say but I would rather them approve it" Wyatt asks

"Um, I'm just gonna say Blake met his vampire mate and the party was good." I roll my eyes

"Eh good enough" Wyatt sighs

"Wait. Im staying here tonight?" Lily asks

"Yeah..." Wyatt trails off

"Am I at least getting my own room? And when do I start school? Oh my god what if no one likes me? What if I need my parents? Am I-" Lily starts ranting and I just tune her out

"Good luck with that" I pat Wyatt on the back and make a run for it 

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