Chapter 5: Terminated

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{Michael's POV}

The room was overcome with silence as soon as the word slip out of our mouths. I couldn't help but get lost in her light blue eyes. I saw her gulp in nervousness which caused me to become nervous.

Was she going to reject me just like Jessica?

Woah, deep breaths Michael. Deep breaths. Just the thought of that possibility made my wolf angry as fuck.

'Oh hell no! We have to show her we don't play around and that we're serious. Don't become lovestruck too easily because there is no way in hell I'm getting burned like we did with Jessica' Peter growls

''re right' I reply

"What the fuck?!" Harry suddenly says as he looks at me. Leave it to Harry to break the moment of silence.

"I thought Jessica is....was, your mate?" Rose trails off when she made that mistake

"Dont talk about Jessica. She's nothing to me. Understand?" I say lowly and they nod silently. I hated the fact that they mentioned my ex mate with my...second chance mate in the room.

"Y-you already have a m-mate?" the girl sutters and I hear the sadness in her voice and let me tell you her voice is fucking angelic.

"Had." I snap

"So, she died?" She counters

"Yes. Well, no. Well, to me she did but she didn't actually- you what forget about it. Tell me your name instead" I prompted but it sounded more like a demand. Shit.

"Um, it's Amethyst but please call me, Amy."

"Cool! Like the stone" Hannah yells and Amy smiles. Such a beautiful smile. Man, I am getting lovestruck.

"Are you gonna ask me my name?" I ask with a raised eyebrow trying to look intimidating and I hear Andrew snicker.

"I already know it. Alpha Michael" She answers quietly. I sniff the air and suddenly realize she is not from my pack.

"You're not from Silver Moon" I state and she nods

"I'm from Nightshade" She responds and Harry's jaw drops

"That's like a two day trip away" Andrew exclaims and Amy shrugs.

"Why are you even here?" Rose asks curiously

"Oh, my dad's the Beta of Nightshade and we had to come for business or whatever. I was bored so I went wondering because I was feeling drawn to this place and here I am!" She grins as she answers and I see her take a glance at me and her grin dies down as she casts her eyes to the floor. Am I scary looking?

"It's a good thing you came then" I smirk and a light pink rushes to her cheeks. Man, she is beautiful. I'm a really lucky guy.

"Um, are we still playing laser tag?" Dylan asks and we all look at him. Adam hit the back of his head making me chuckle. Amy looks at me and I immediately stop making her slightly frown.

"Of course we are" I say and Hannah claps her hands

"Let's go!" Hannah yells and rushes towards Ray who hands her a blue vest.

"Ok, so Adam, Amy, and Andrew are on my team" Harry says

"Hey! All our names start with A...well except for Harry's" Adam yelled before grabbing a red vest and running in the room to join Hannah. Ok then...

I hand a blue vest to Dylan, as well as Rose and then I put one on myself. I look over and see Amy struggling to put her red one on because the buckle got caught in her hair. I have this urge to help her, so I walk over and unhook the buckle part from her soft blond hair.

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