Chapter 7: People

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{Michael's POV} goes nothing.

"I'm here to see the visitors from the Nightshade pack" I state

"They are in room 14 on the fifth floor, Alpha." One of my pack house guard replies after lowering his head in submission. I nod and make my way towards the stairs.

A couple years ago my parents and my Aunt Meg and Uncle Ryan built this pack house in order to combine the Blue Moon and Silver Blood packs. Now everyone from both packs live in this pack house, besides those who wanted to move out as they became older, like Uncle Ryan's family along with my dad's family which is the reason why I don't live in this pack house.

I glad I don't because I'm pretty sure Logan lives here.

Since over 100 people live in this pack house, it is huge. By huge I mean there are 22 floors and there are about 20 rooms, that are sound proof, on each floor. Worst of all, there are only stair and no elevators. Good thing only werewolves live here. It is located in a location far away from the human part of town.

I let out a breath when I make it to the the fifth floor. I feel bad for the people who live on the twentieth floor. 10...13....ah, there it is. Room 14.

I raise my hand to knock on the door but my fist never reaches the door because it was opened.

"Future Alpha Michael. To what do I owe the pleasure?" A man with graying brown hair smiles at me. Probably Amy's dad. She said he was a Beta right? Did she not tell him about me? About us?

"Um, Beta. I was actually looking for your daughter" I say and he frowns

"Which one?" he asks and I raise my eyebrows. She has a sister?

"Amy" I answer and he nods thoughtfully

"She hasn't gotten into any trouble. Has she?" he says as he opens the door wider, gesturing me to come inside.

"No." I say curtly and a girl walks into the room. She looks exactly like Amy but from her scent, I know right away she wasn't my mate. That, and she had shorter hair with red streaks in it.

"Father. Why is he here?" she demands as she glares at me

"Zoe. Behave" Amy's father warns and she huffs

"Hey. I'm Michael. Nice to meet you" I put out my hand to shake hers but she just nods and I slowly pull back my hand. Well then.

"Where's your sister?" Amy's father asks and she shrugs

"She said she was going out" Zoe replies

"I didn't see her go out the door" her father questions and she smirks

"That's cause she jumped out the window" she chuckles and eyebrows shot so far up, I dont think they're on my face anymore.

"Sorry future Alpha Michael..." her father starts to say but I shout a quick bye and make my way out the door. I needed to find her, or else my mother would have my ass.



"Ray, did you see that girl that was here with us the last time we were here?" I ask frantically

"You're gonna have to be a bit more specific than that" Ray chuckles as he cleans the laser guns with disinfectant wipes.

"She had blond hair....beautiful blue eyes...I kinda said she was my mate" I trail and he pauses

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