Chapter 18: The Party's Over

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{Michael's POV}

"Amethyst? What are you doing here?" Wyatt says after releasing his grip on me

"Um..." Amy trails off and I step forward

"She's with me" I say confidently and Wyatt just arches an eyebrow

"Is she?" he prompts and I nod

"Who the hell are you?" I ask

"Wyatt. Wyatt Grey. Amy's fiance" He smirks and I think my jaw opened just a smidge wider. I turn to look at Amy who was just glaring at Wyatt.

Now Wyatt was completely ignoring both of us and walks over to where my sister was.

"What the hell are you doing? Get away from her!" I shout out and he stop and turns around to give me the most deadly glare I've ever seen.

"She's mine" he grit out and now all the blood has left from my face

"What?" I spat

"She's mine" he repeats and makes his way to Lily again

I listen closely in order to hear the exchange happening between them. Well, if he's Lily's mate there's no need to ask Xena for that spell anymore.

"Are you alright?" I hear Wyatt ask

"Y-yes" Lily stutters and backs away from Wyatt. Now that's my girl.

"Why are you moving away from me?" Wyatt frowns obviously displeased

"No reason" Lily sniffs and Wyatt smirks. What?! He can't smirk at my sister!

"How old are you?" he asks

"16" she says and he nods thoughtfully

"So you can't feel the complete mate bond yet" He concludes. He wants to mate with her? What the fuck...hell no.

"Excuse me?" I ask angrily and he gives me a smug look which just make me want to shoot him in the balls. Maybe that's a little too far.

"Yes?" he replies

"You will not be mating with her anytime soon" I announce and he gives me a glare

"Who do you think you are?" he asks

"Her brother" I fight back and he opens his mouth to say something else but Lily cuts in

"I'm right here you know?" she says and I shush her

"Aren't you already engaged?" I say and he frowns

"Well yes but I would think you wouldn't want me to be engaged to your mate" Wyatt smirks and I let myself be shocked from a moment before returning his glare

"And how exactly did you know we were mates?" I ask

"I am one of the most feared Alphas. I know things. This was one of the reasons I traveled here tonight. I was coming to find out about you and Amy but little did I know...I would find my mate" Wyatt explains and looks over at Lily who just listened in interest.

"So what does this mean?" I hear Amy speak up from behind me

"It means I'm calling off the engagement." Wyatt snaps and I give him a glare. No one talks to my mate like that.

"Well that doesn't mean you can have my sister" I say and he scoffs

"I think she can decide for herself" he answers and I overlook him. How old is this guy?

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