Chapter 23: New Relationships

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{Michael's POV}

"Blake have you decided how you're going to tell them about your...capabilities?" I only ask because now we finally arrived at the pack and he hasn't said a word the whole trip back. Bella and Damon are driving here in Damon's car and they were trailing behind us.

"Yeah, I mean they are about 5 minutes behind us, they should be here soon so you better be ready. She'll need to know" Amy mentions and Blake just continues to look out the window

"May I ask what exactly you guys are talking about?" Andrew chirps. Shit! I forgot he didn't know about Blake.

"Um..." I drawl trying to think of something to say but, my mind came up with a blank if I'm being honest

"I'll just tell you too when I tell Damon and Bella" Blake says nonchalantly as he continues to stare out the window

"Uh ok?" Andrew says skeptically and then goes back to humming to himself

"Blake are you alright?" I ask cause now I was genuinely worried about him

"It's just that...I never thought I would meet both of them. Now that I did, I have to make a decision don't I?" Blake sighs

"Yeah you do. But how about you get to know both of them before you think about that. That'll be a problem in the future not right now. Just enjoy both of their companies from now on" Amy tries to reason

"Both? If you didn't notice, Jessica is fully with Xander isn't she?" I remark and regret it once I see the pained look on Blake's face and Amy gives me a glare

"Sorry" I mumbled sheepishly and then I hear the car behind us pull up so, we finally get out of the car.

"Sorry we took so long, Damon saw this apparently rare ass flower and just needed to stop and look at it" Bella says giving Damon a pointed look and he scoffs.

"Bellaaaa it was a Middlemist Red!" Damon states proudly to which she rolls her eyes

"Ok...then. Please come inside" I trail off

"Sure" Damon says and everyone follows me inside

"Mickey you're home?" I hear someone shout from the kitchen. By someone I mean my mom as she comes out of the kitchen wearing an apron and having some flour on her forehead.

"And may I ask, who are you?" Damon asks in a flirty voice leaned against the wall. Oh why does everyone hit on my mom when they first meet her I ask myself as I face palm. Mom glances back at the kitchen as if someone is in there and looks back at us with a giggle.

"Depends who you want me to be" My mom smirks

"Ahem" Someone clears his throat and I look over to see my dad in the kitchen. She knew this all along...sneaky woman.

"Parker! I didn't see you there" Mom looks at him innocently while he interrupts his glaring match with Damon to look at her

"We were just baking a cake together" My dad raises his eyebrows

"Were we?" Mom scratches her head for emphasis

"Yes we were and since when do you flirt with vampires?" My dad crosses his arms across his chest

"Since you don't satisfy me anymore" My mom smirks evilly

"Don't satisfy you anymore? Honey I'll satisfy you till you can't walk" My dad growls and grabs her by the waist while they have a heavy make out session. I swear to god...

"MOM. DAD" I yell and they break away from each other but, the look on their faces tell me what they'll be doing after this conversation is over. Ew.

"Um yeah why exactly are there vampires in my house in the first place?" Dad asks

"Way to be an Alpha, dad" I shake my head while everyone is still in shock over what happened previously

"Oh um I'm Bella, Blake's mate and he said he had something to tell us" Bella said and my mom looked confused for a moment but, then realization took over

"Oh sooo we'll be leaving you to do that now. Mickey do tell us about the party later. Also, Bella and your friend-" My mom started to say

"Brother. Name's Damon" Damon cut in

"Oh ok. Bella and Damon you can stay here for however long if you need to. Mickey will show you the guest rooms" Mom completes and then dad nods before sweeping her off her feet and running up the stairs. Yet again, ew.

"Please have a seat" Blake says and we all follow him

"Ok so. I'm a hybrid" Blake blurts out

"Meaning..." Bella continues

"Its a being that is half werewolf and half vampire. But the being must have some witch in them too, in order for them to survive at birth." I cut in

"Cooool" Andrew whispers amazed

"Well this witch told us that Avery, Mickey's "adoptive" mom was his guardian because she had to protect him in order for him to grow up and fulfill his destiny. Then, a hybrid was born. The same day and time as Mickey was. Im that hybrid" Blake explains further

"Yeah and it's apparently my destiny to protect the hybrid from all calamities because Blake and I are supposed to make the supernatural world safe and harmonious again." I add and Damon, Bella and Andrew all seemed to be pretty shocked.

"Oh and plus I can do this" I smirk and raise my hand levitating one of the throw pillows on the couch and then made it hit Damon in the face

"Hey!" Damon shouts

"That's for hitting on my mom" I shrug

"Point taken" Damon chuckles

"So this means you have two mates don't you? One vampire and one werewolf?" Bella sighs sadly

"Yes it does" Blake smiles solemnly

"Come on Damon let's go" Bella stands up abruptly

"Wait what?" I ask

"I mean you're obviously going to choose the werewolf. You're the same species for god sake!" Bella shouts

"Sometimes love doesn't correspond with species, Bella" Andrew chimes in. Wow, most useful thing he's said all night.

"It's true. His werewolf mate doesn't even want to mate" I say

"Is this true?" Bella asks Blake

"Yes. I can be with you fully for right now...if you wanted" Blake said hesitantly

"Oh I want" Bella grins

"Well we have a house about 6 minutes from here" Damon mentions

"Wow that's great" Amy says as Damon and Bella get up and Blake's decides to lead them out and then Andrew gets up leaving Amy and I together.

"So..." Amy says

"So..." I smirk and scoot closer to her on the couch

"When are we gonna go on a date?" She grins

"A date?" I raise my eyebrows

"Yes!" she smiles. She looks so beautiful when she smiles and if she asks me for anything with that smile on her face I would do it.

"How about...tomorrow?" I twirl a piece of her hair in my fingers and hear her breath hitch when my fingers make contact with her skin

"Tomorrow it is" She grabs my hand and places it against her cheek and sighs in content

"Can I know where we're going?" She asks hopefully


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