Chapter 21: "Mix"

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{Michael's POV}

"A party...?"

"At your pack..."

"With you...?" I trail off confused as I stare up at Wyatt

"Why?" Amy asks

"Since the decision has been made that Lily is moving to my pack, I wanted you to come and check it out. Might as well do it at the annual "mix" party." Wyatt explains

"Mix party?" Blake interjects

"Well, my pack is usually very serious but once every year we have something called a "mix" party. All supernatural creatures are invited. I like to keep my connections open" Wyatt says

"Oh! Nope. They are not going to this so called "mix" party." My dad buts in

"Why not?" My mom looks at my dad

" won't be safe" My dad replies

"Do you really think that?" My mom asks

"No" he grumbles

"Ok, you guys are going and you are going to tell us everything about it. We need to make sure Lily will be absolutely fine" My mom chirps and I groan

"She will be fine either way if she's with me, but if you insist" Wyatt adds and Blake subtly rolls his eyes

"One more thing though" I say

"What?" Wyatt grits out

"So, Amy, Blake, Lily and I are going but, can I add one more person to the list?" I ask



"PAAAARTY!" Andrew yells for the fifth time in the car

"I'm regretting my decision of agreeing to let him come" Wyatt groans from the driver's seat and Blake chuckles

"I'm regretting the decision of letting you wear that dress" I whisper in Amy's ear as I make note of her shiver.

Her dress is seriously making my wolf agitated. Her long legs are showed off in her red dress with that split at the side. Damn.

"Um, Blake are you feeling okay?" Lily asks from the passenger seat

"Yeah, why do you ask?" Blake replies

"I can see you through the mirror. You're sweating bullets" Lily says and I look over at Blake and she sure is right

"Ew what the hell man?" Andrew, who is sitting next to Blake says as he scooches away from Blake

"Well, I do feel a bit hot" Blake comments tugging his shirt collar

"A bit?" Amy chuckles

"Okay more like a lot" Blake retorts

"Open a window" I tell Wyatt and a few seconds later the window next to Blake rolls down.

"This doesn't help" Blake says

"Well, we're here so maybe when you get out of the car you'll feel better" Wyatt says as we come to a stop

"Ok get out" Andrew says to Blake

The loud music blasting from what I'm assuming to be the pack house is already giving me a headache. Amy lets out a quick laugh and starts pulling me towards the house. Warmth spreads through me when her hand makes contact with mine.

As soon as I step in the house I feel the presence of all different supernatural creatures and it's so overwhelming. Witches, werewolves, vampires, fairies, genies and more.

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