Chapter 9: Siblings and Comas

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{Michael's POV}

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?" Beta Charles roars

Yep, I figured out Amy's dad's name. Now, back to the part where he is yelling at everyone.

"YOU'RE TELLING ME. THAT MY DAUGHTER WAS KIDNAPPED BY THE KING OF FUCKING ROUGES?" He continues to yell causing my dad and uncle Ryan to stay silent.


"Well, that would be mine sir. But, that was only because she was stubborn" I say meekly and I swear if looks could kill, I would be dead right now.

"Well, HOW THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO FIND HER?" He shouts and I gulp

"Um, we're still working on that" my dad says and i close my eyes tightly. Goddess please keep her safe. I swear if anything happens to her, I will personally rip the nasty rouge's head off his body.

"No one's ever seen the King of Rouges. Actually, there never was one, until about 6 years ago. Rumors were heard that there was a King of Rouges. Now we all know it's true. So, we know he hasn't be around for more than 6 or so years. There were also rumors that he has contacts with witches and vampires. That's what makes him so hard to be found. The witches probably have a cover shield over him and his headquarters" uncle Alex explained to everyone. Honestly, uncle Alex knows like everything. People know him as the werewolf of knowledge.

"Wow. Michael seriously has rotten luck. Rejected by one mate, and the not only does his second chance mate have a fiance, she was kidnapped by the worst possible supernatural being!" Lilly laughs and everyone besides my parents gasp.

"Amy's your second chance mate?" Beta Charles and Amy's sister, Zoe asks.

"Fiancee?" all my aunts and uncles and friends ask

"Lilly! How dare you?" my dad yells and Lilly frowns

"Like seriously, what is the matter with you?" my mom asks and Lilly starts to cry. Wow, dramatic much?

"Michael is not even your real son but I see it everyday. I see everyday that you love Michael over you own daughter. I always feel so left out so I act out to get your attention and the only way to get your attention when I'm acting out is to hurt your beloved Mickey! I'll never be as good as Michael!" she sobbed and runs out the room leaving everyone shocked and wide eyed.

"I never knew she felt that way" my mom whispers as a few tears pool in her eyes and my dad pulls her close.

"I'm gonna go talk to her" I announce and run after her

"Lilly?" I call and hear no reply. I get closer to the staircase and hear a few sniffles so I presume that's where she is.

"Of course they send precious Mickey" she mocks and I sit next to her

"They didn't send me. I wanted to come" I say softly

"Shut the fuck up. This isn't going to be like in the movies and we have a heartwarming talk and then have a beautiful sibling bond again." she purses her lips and I roll my eyes

"Well, you're nice and when did e ever have a beautiful sibling bond?" I say sarcastically making her chuckle through tears

"What are you talking about?" she sniffles

"You said beautiful sibling bond again. When did we have one to begin with?" I ask

"Good point" she nods

"You and dad love you. They definitely have a different type of love reserved especially for you. You're their blood child, they'll love you in ways they could never do with me. You know, I met them when I was like 3 or 4. You were meant to belong to them. Don't ever think you have to be as good as me. Youre fine just the way you are. You're a great person once you take off all that makeup...get rid of that asshat of a boyfriend...and be nice to people. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone but you. I believe in you...and I'm sorry for all the times I call you a bitch" I smile and she grins but looks confused when I say the last part

"You never called me a bitch....?" she trails

"I know...but I was thinking it" I smirk and she hit me on my shoulder

"I'm sorry for all the things I do to you all school, I'm sorry for what I just told everyone in there, and I'm sorry for being a bitch" she sighs

"All is forgiven....lil' sis" I try out a new endearment

"Don't call me that" She groans

"Ok...what about, munchkin?" I chuckle and she turns red

"Definitely not" she yells

"All I'm hearing is yes, munchkin" I grin and she punches me

"No no no no no" she chants

" are short anyway" I shrug

"Whatever" she grumbled

"Ok, munchkin" I laugh and rubs her head, messing up her hair and we both walk back into the living room

"I'm guessing you all were eavesdropping?" Lily asks and my parents had a guilty look on their face

"Nice" I roll my eyes

"We are so sorry if we did anything to make you feel like that. I love sweetie. You should know that no matter what, I will always love you." mom hugs Lilly

"Yeah, and you don't need to prove anything to us" my dad added and joined the hug

" are we finding Mickey's mate?" Lilly asks and everyone looks at her in surprise. She's definitely a changed person.

"Well, I have a old friend who is a witch...she might be able to help us out." Alex announces

"Well, where is she?" I ask eager to find Amy

"In the hospital" he answers and everyone looks at him confused

"Is she like admitted or visiting...?" Lilly speaks up and Alex grimaces

"She's in a coma" Alex says and now I'm pretty sure we all are thinking the same thing. This guy's fucking nuts.

"Aw, just like the olden days when Parker over there was in a coma" uncle Nate chuckles and my mom growls softly while everyone else glares. Okay...sensitive topic.

"Sorry" he smiles sheepishly and almost everyone rolls their eyes or laughs.

"IS NO ONE REALIZING WHAT I'M IMPLYING TO?" Alex shouts and everyone looks at him in surprise

"Well...?" He urges and everyone starts to think when my mom gasped

"Oh. Oh. OH!" she yells and mindlinks everyone in the room except for Amy's dad and sister since they are the only ones in the room that don't know that my mom is a white wolf.

'Are you asking me to use my healing powers to heal your witch friend just like I healed Parker?' my mom links everyone but I assume she's talking to my uncle Alex.

'That is exactly what I'm asking you to do.' uncle Alex replies and everyone, except for Amy's family cause they don't know what the hell is going on, turned to look at my mom's pale face.

She hasn't used her powers for over 5 years. 

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