Chapter 11: A Mission

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{Michael's POV}

"I can't believe they dismissed a coma patient this quickly" I say when I see Xena

"It's a supernatural hospital. We heal quickly, what did you expect?" she replies and passes me as I close the front door.

"Did you get the scent from your brother?" Uncle Alex asks

"What do you think?" Xena questions

"Yes?" Uncle Alex trails unsurely and Xena rolls her eyes

"Hi! You must be Xena. Alex talks about you all the time" Aunt Madds greets

"Oh. You're his mate! How do you cope?" Xena laughs and Aunt Madds joins while Uncle Alex purses his lips

"Can we talk about the scent or what?" My mom buts in

"Oh right. Anyway, as I thought, my brother did in fact come and visit me. I captured the scent and I was able to replicate it. Here" Xena reaches into bag and pulls out a vial of blue looking liquid.

"So how do we make our scent get covered by that one?" Dad asks and Xena smirks

"That's the easy part" Xena replies and takes a seat on a nearby stool

"You need to shift into your wolf form and smell the scent. Then I will say a special incantation and bam! You got yourself a new scent" she explains

"Ok let's do it" I clap

"Where exactly are we doing this....outside or what?" I ask

"Let's go outside" Xena says and we all follow her to the woods

"Ok everyone who is have to shift" She says and my parents, along with uncle Alex and I shift. Aunt Madds just watched.

Xena brings the blue liquid near me and I sniff...I swear it was the worst thing I have ever smelt in my life. After everyone sniffed it, Xena put down the vial and raised her hands. She closed her eyes and started to chant and it was kinda creeping me out. 

I watched as my mother's wolf glowed and then my dad's wolf and then my uncle Alex's. Then before I knew it my fur was glowing and my wolf body was tingling.

"It is done. Shift back" Xena says and we comply

"Thank you, Xena" Uncle Alex says

"Don't thank me yet. We still have to disguise Parker and Avery. The Rouge King knows how they looks but you're lucky he hasn't seen Alex or Michael"

"Ok. Stay still Avery and Parker" Xena says and my parent stand tall and honestly, they look a little scared. Can't blame them.

"Asoka Humus mansoorian fulia brandooen maih!" Xena shouts and a bright light surrounds my parents making everyone shield their eyes. Once it disappears we all look and I swear I don't think I have ever laughed more in my entire life.

"OH MY GOD I HAVE A PENIS!" My mom screeched as she starts feeling her lower body through her pants.

"I HAVE BOOBS...AND A VAGINA! HOLY FUCKING SHIT. UNDO THIS SPELL!" My dad yells as Uncle Alex, Aunt Madds and I are dying from laughter. Xena had made my mom a man and my dad a woman. At least they have a very good disguise. Man, I can never look at them the same again.

"Sorry...this is the best disguise. No one will ever know" Xena chuckles and my dad looks horrified as he starts touching his chest.

"Wait...why the HELL AM I BLEEDING?!" My dad roars as we all look down and see blood under him.

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