chapter 4 - awkward

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Me and Kaylee walked in the house and down the hall to my room, I jumped on my bed.

"Wellll that was totes awkward" I said interrupting the silence

"It sure was! what happened before I got here?!" she questioned

"wellllllll , I opened the door , expecting to see you and it was Martin. He explained he needed to ask me a question but he couldn't find his phone and he was in the neighborhood so he jus stooped by" I began explaining

"but he lives in the neighborhood.." she paused

"That's what I said!! but he asked me to prom and" I was cut off really fast

"and.. ?" Kaylee looked at me

"... and ?" I replied

"What did you say ?!" she asked

"It was awkward , and proms not really my thing, so in the end I told him i'd think about it.." I paused

"what did he say ?!" she looked over at me

"He looked kinda sad, but I tried making him smile... and it worked ! but then I messed it up" I explained

"what do you mean ?" she asked confused

"wellll me being me , I asked why he wanted to go with me." I said

"ohhhhh , what did he say ?!" she questioned

"wellll he was like your my best friend , your amazing , so sweet and beautiful and that if I was his date the whole team would be jelly." I blushed a little

"awhhh" she smiled

"Righttttt" I said " but I still don't get why mr.kinda popular would wanna go to prom with a loser who cant even go to prom without him..." I added

" isn't it obvious ?!" she questioned

"no..." I paused

"SAVANNAH!!" she somewhat yelled

"WAHT?!" I yelled back laughing

"He. likes. YOUUU!" she called back

"Martin. doesn't. like. meh. that. way." I replied

"does toooooooooooo!" she responded

"does nawt" I yelled back

"I love you but your so dumb with guys" she stated

"I know huh, but Martin's my best friend , whose a guy. why would he like you?" I questioned

"well you guys hang out a lot , right ?" she pointed out

"yeah" I said confused

"who asks most of the time?" she questioned

"him. but only because he asks like before I can" I stated

"soooo he wants to spend as much time with you , alone , as he can" she pointed out

"I never looked at it like that.." I said confused

"when I walked up and you to were kissing he started that , if he didn't like you why would he kiss you after asking you to prom ?" she questioned

"uhmmm , I dunno" I replied

"becauseee he likesss youuuuu." she stated

"I still don't see it" I said

"he asked you to prom , he kissed you , he made a excuse to come to your house, he always wants to hang out, he calls you all the time, for no reason! savvy , he really likes you!" she smiled

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