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I began thinking .
Give him a chance and be happy ? Or ruin our friendship ?
My mind became jumbled with thoughts for what seemed like hours .

Thoughts stampeded into mind .

Unsure of what to say I finally spoke up .

" Martin , I have no doubt that you'd be great ! I just don't know " I whispered

"Sav, I understand what you mean . I do , honestly . I just want you to know I mean what I say ." He replied .

"Oh , I don't doubt that !" I quickly responded
"I just have never thought of the idea of  the idea of us being anything more and I wouldn't wanna put a great friendship at risk ." I added .

A few weeks went by . Consisting of me going to martins in the morning and coming home at night . Except a few here and there where I'd spend the night because we'd Fall asleep watching a movie .

Those couple of weeks seemed like months . Each day I thought of these conversations me and Martin had . At this point they had kinda stopped . None the less , the topic still ran through my mind .

The thought never left my mind " am I lovable ?"

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