Chaopter 10 - new song

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* Savannah's pov*

"Hey k , I'll be there in 5" I texted

I quickly got a reply

I had run by my house to get clothes.

I had my hair up in a side braid , a Rolling Stones t-shirt and shorts .

"Okay ! :) see you soon" she texted back

I soon arrived and she came to the door . We went in her room and sat down . We filed our video

For our channel and I practiced to film my song .

She set up the tripod and we began recording . Even though I had done covers this was different . It was my own . They judged on not just my voice but the lyrics and music.

"Perfect . Loved it" Kaylee said putting it on the laptop

"You think they'll like it?" I asked

"No, there gonna love it!!" She squeaked.

" crap , it's already 5. I gotta go. Dinner with mom and her guy" I said

"Ewww" she replied

"Yeah but I'm making Martin go " I laughed

*kaylee pov*

Yesterday was odd .

Sav and martin so cute but she doesn't see it. She has so much going for her but she's blind .

Like she always says she wants a good guy , that'll treat her right. One that never fails to make her smile. I have a feeling that's him.

She keeps saying she wants to go to teen hoot but not as a fan , as a performer. Although she does covers you have to send a video in unless you big like Austin mahone , or Dylan holland or Trevor Moran.

She thinks she should wait , but I think this song will be great .

I'll edit her stuff in and upload it to he channel and to the teen hoot site!

I quickly edited and hurried to the channel .

In around 10 minuets the video was up .

"This Is Me" original by savvy .

Not long after I quickly submitted her video in the contest .


Hope you like it

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