Chapter 11- dinner

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I jumped in the car and hurried to martins .

"Hey babe , I'm baaacckkk" I shouted as I came in

"You almost ready ? " I asked

"Yeah. I just gotta find a shirt" he yelled

I walked to the bathroom and took my tank and shirts off.

I took my beanie off .

All of a sudden Martin barged in.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry!" He said closing the door

My guy best friend just saw me in my underwear , alright then.

I threw my dress on and did my hair really quick .

" it's fine dude . Don't stress " I said grabbing my keys

"I'll drive" he said standing up

"You look really pretty by the way" he added in

"Thanks " I smiled

We left and drove about 30 minuets .

"I'm really sorry-" he said begore I cut him off

"Cuh , it's chill. I wasn't naked. You saw what you would if it was a bikini , I just don't wear them" I laughed

We got out of the car and met my mom at the table .

"Hey Martin " my mom smiled

We talked a few minuets and mom introduced us .

It was my first time meeting her boyfriend . She hadn't dated anyone since the divorce , but they had been together for about 6 months now.

It freaked me out.

What if he was gonna be my new step dad ? What's gonna happen ?

We ordered our drinks and as dinner continued I got nervous .

Before long I found myself reaching out for matins hand.

He noticed and took it without hesitation or questioning .

I texted him, "thanks for coming" .

We ate and moms boyfriend paid for it all.

"Thanks ." I said

"It was nice netting you" I said scooting out of the booth.

"We're gonna go to the park and get ice cream if y'all wanna come" he said

"That sounds-" Martin said

Once again I cut him off, "it sounds fun but we already have plans "

"With who ?" My mom asked

"Just us. It's sav , Martin night" I laughed

"Well , have fun" they said

"Thanks , we will" I said not realizing I was still attached to his arm

We went to the car and drive home .


Hope you like it (:

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