chapter 5 - great day

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*Martin's POV*

Josh: "dude , just do it !

Me: " I can't!

Josh: " bro , she's your best friend! just ask her!

Me: " ... should I ask her ? what if she says no :( "

Josh:" Martin xD this is prom , your not asking her to marry you!"

Me:" but but what if she says no"

Josh: " if she says no , she says no. She is one of your closet friends , she doesn't know you like her. does she ?"

Me: " I don't think she does"

Josh:" okay , good ! then just ask her! if she says no , okay! theres always next year. but think if she does say yes... you have a prom date , a hot prom date. your best friend is going to prom , and wouldn't otherwise. I mean ... look on the bright side bud(: "

I continued texting Josh and finally got the courage to talk to Savannah.

Josh was another guy on the baseball team , he played first base but he was the type of guy who always went past first base , if you get what I mean. He's cool , we've been friends since like birth , we're just different. Our families have been friends for the longest , Josh has been there through everything. He's the reason i play baseball , the reason i'm now poplular and more importantly the reason i met Savannah.

We lived a state over and hung out everyday. Untill his parents job moved them , which left me alone 6th grade year. I said goodbye Josh , hello bullies , lockers , the worst year of my life.

After a year of me being picked on and bullied i asked to move, they said no of course. A few months later they got a job offer and we moved. I only had time to pack , unpack and get stuff ready for school but i got to spend most of it with my bestfriend.

7th grade year began , i was shy and shared. I moved across the state , started a new school and everything was normal again because i got to see my best friend.

I walked into the big school full of kids , everyother said hey josh as we passed. He showed me where some things where at chorus room , lunch room and he continued until he saw Savannah.

"YO SAVANNAH!" Josh yelled

"haaaaiiiiiiii Josh" a girl smiled

She was standing talking to two other girls , a blonde and a red head. She was beyond beautiful. Big brown eyes , Dark brown hair that came to her shoulders. She was wearing a dress , a beanie and toms. She was perfect and all i know about her was how she looked.

"Savannah this is Martin" Josh said introducing me

"Hey love, i'm Savannah. This is Hope and Brittany" she said with a smile

"Heyyy.. i haven't gotten my hug yett" josh complained

"Loserr" Savannah said giving him a hug

we talked about classes and who had what. I had four classes with Savannah and some with Josh. I had a classed with one of them or both of them all day. Me and Savannah had French , advanced language and history , for her because shes a grade below, and chorus together. The next few months we became close and talked everyday , then texted , then hung out all the time.

i said goodbye bullies , and hello to my bestfriend , new friends and a perfect girl. The only reason i met Savannah was because Josh.

My pocked began to buzz once again, i had another text from Josh.

Josh: "Thats good! just act like you normally do around her."

Me:" I'm surprised she doesn't know actually ... "

Josh:" Why do you say that ?!"

Me:"Because im all awkward and such around her..."

Josh:"true true , but your a awkward person anyway

we continued to text and i finally got to her house.

"Martin... you can do this! she's just a girl , she's your bestfriend.. you got this" i told myself as i walked up to the front door

i rang the doorbell and waited until she came to the door.

She came, i asked. It was awkward. She basically said no , i kissed her... Kaylee came over. It was awkward so i left.

Martin's POV

i can't belive i did that! i kissed her.... why. just whyyy. i mean it was good for me , but what if i messed up over friendship in some way .. Sh acted fine , just surprised. I hope thats all it was.

The whole way home it kept replaying , over and over again. i couldn' stop thinking about everything. So me being me ... i jumped on YouTube. One video after another. Savannah's newest video poped up on my newsfeed... and me being me.. i watched it.

"i'm such an dumby !" i said to myself " i kinda wanna discuss this whole thing and make sure nothings changed , for the worse. i mean if it changed and it was good change id be okay with that but nowwww i can't stop thinking about her... again."

M phone began to ring, i sighed and looked at who was calling. It was Savannah..

"Hello?" i said not to egarly

"Hey! its kaylee! " the voice at the other end said

"Oh hey kaylee" i said

we talked a few more seconds and she invited me over to hear Savannah sing some song she wrote. i was hurried and left.

*A few hours later*

Josh:" hey man! how did it go ?! she said yes , right ?(: "

Me:" welllllll" I texted back

Josh:" well what ?!!?"

Me: " I went over there and asked her and such and she said prom wasn't really her thing and she said she would think about it and stuff and thennn ... "

Josh: " and then what .. ? "

Me:" then ...

Josh:" THEN WHAT ?!"

Me:" hahah then I kissed her ^^ "

Josh: " you did what now ?!!"

Me:" I. kissed.her."

Josh:" i thought you just wanted her to go to prom ?! one thing at a time bud! haha"

Me:" i knoww! it just kinda happened... but after i went back and junk she said yes to prom!"

Josh:" sweet!!"

Me:"I know huh !"

Josh:" well i'm glad that all your practice on your pillow came in handy(;"


Josh:" wellll we can't hide the truth xD"

Me:"That was like when we're like 5"

Josh:" that was like last week!!"

Me:" Noooooo"

Josh: "Uhmmm yessss"

Me:" bro. bro.bro"

Josh:" cuh cuh cuh"

Me:" me & Savannah are face timing later ^^"

Josh:" haha you've had a great day then , huh ?"

Me:" sure have! <3 "


Me:"haha maybe. well i'll talk to you later!"

Josh:" bye!"

*Martin's POV*

face time... with savannah. ... whoah.


hope you liked it!!(:

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