Annoying but tolerable

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Today was the day .

Funeral day.

I got out of bed and jumped in the shower trying not to wake savannah .

She was still asleep . She's so cute .

I quickly took my shower , got dressed and shaved the few hairs I had on my face.

"Today . It's gonna be hard but I have savannah " I said to myself in the mirror .

" be strong Martin. You can do this " I added .

I went to open the door but before I could savannah did.

Her hair was in half a bun, her eyes where half way closed and she wasn't fully awake yet.

" morning handsome" she said coming toward me .

" morning bea-" I started to say before I got interrupted by her

Lips hitting mine


She just kissed me , half asleep but still it was savannah .

Not long after I heard the shower running . I took that as my que to leave .

Everyone else in the house was up but mom and dad.

I fixed mine and Savannah's plates and sat them on the table .

Eggs , bacon, sausage and gravy and biscuits.

I had it all . I fixed her gravy and biscuit with sausage in it.

About 5 minuets later she came down the stairs fully awake .

She had thrown on a Rolling Stones t-shirt and some shorts.

" hello beautiful " I said as she made her way to the kitchen.

She smiled and yawned.

Once again she hugged me. This time a longer one.

" I'm so tired" she said with her arms around me

We sat down and ate.

Almost two hours later mom and date woke up.

We watched a film or two .

Mom and grandmother went and did last minuet funeral

Things . Grandpa did garden work and told dad a million stories .

Everyone's activities lasted until around 4.

About Time to get ready for visitation .

I put on a suit . Black suit , white shirt , turquoise tie .

Turquoise was her favorite .

About 20 minuets went by and savannah came down the stairs .

Her dark black hair was in big , beautiful curls . Her make up was absolutely perfect . She looked as though she was from a magazine .

Her black dress fit her body in the most perfect way . Knee length dress , black heels , and pearls .

She was something out of a dream .

To bad it had to be for this .

" you look absolutely breathtaking , sav " I said taking her arm.

" thank you , kind sir . You don't look to bad yourself " she said with a wink

I escorted her to the car and opened the door .

" y'all look like your going to

Some kind of premiere . Your aunt would be proud of you " grandma said

I smiled .

The idea of that made me happy , even on a day like this .

" you think she'd really be proud of me ??" I asked

" of course , baby." Mom said

" Martin . Did you really just ask that ? Of course she'd be proud of you ! What's not to be proud of ! Your grades , your sports, your kind, caring personality ! There's nothing to not be proud of , sugar !" Savannah said before giving me kiss on the cheek .

The visitation I thought would be long , annoying and unbearable was actually somewhat pleasant.

I mean about as pleasant as it could be .

All because I had her .

The best best friend a guy could ask for .

The funeral came .

Tears flooded.

Me , my family and savannah sat on the front pew .

" I can't do this ." I whispered to savannah .

" babe , you've got this . " she whispered back .

" I don't know if I'll be able to read it by my turn " I replied

" I'll be there . Right beside you . I'll even go up there with you and hold your hand . I'll read it for you , if that's what you want " she smiled

She grabbed my hand.

It made my heart skip a beat .

I knew she was doing all this because she's my best friend . We're that close but part of me was dreaming it was more.

My time came to speak and I

Couldnt get a single sound out.

" hey guys . I'm savannah and most of you know Martin . I've accompanied him up here today to help him get through his reading . " she stopped

" he's at a Loss of words but thank goodness he wrote them

Down "

Everyone giggled a bit

" my aunt , was the most kind caring lady you could meet. She had the biggest heart . She was like my second mother . She wasn't just an aunt, she was a best friend ." She began reading

She finished reading and she even added stories in that I had told her .

I'm shocked she even remembered .

The funeral ended and several

People came up to me.

Old friends , distant family and random strangers.

All saying various things .

Sorry for my loss , and all the typical things .

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