Chapter 8- these feelings

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I woke up still on the sofa, Savannah's arms wrapped me.

"Hey , savvy" I shook her

"Huh" she replied in a cute sleepy voice.

"It's 8am, we both fell asleep" I said

"Babe, it's chill. They know I've been here" she said rubbing her eyes

Did she just call me babe?! She did . Didn't see that coming .

"Really?" I asked

"Yea , babe. It's fine. Go back to sleep" she said putting her head on my stomach

*a few hours later*

"Hey babe , can I borrow a t shirt and take a shower ?" Savvy asked

"Yeah. Let me get one." I said

"Just bring it in the bathroom" she smiled

"Okay" I said smiling back

*Martins pov *

Dude , she called me babe . Like 5 times. What even.

I texted josh and told him everything.

Josh:" wait. She spent the night , called you babe and told you to bring the shirt to the bathroom ?"

Me:" yes. Haha"

Josh: " unexpected haha"

I got up off the chair and took a long t-shirt to savannah.

"Hey sav." I knocked .

"Yeah!" She yelled

" I have your stuff" I replied

"Come on in." She said

I opened the door , letting out steam.

"Here are some clothes" I said

"Thanks!" She said taking them

I left and she got dressed.

I went and sat on the sofa, thinking. I thought about last night.

Just having her here was amazing . Having her to myself was perfect. It doesn't ever happen . These feelings kept coming and growing but never fading.

Am I in love ?

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