Chapter 1 - That song

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Chapter 1 - the song  

"I need a new cover idea" I whined to my friend Kaylee.  

I'm savannah , Im a sixteen year old youtuber. I make random videos all the time. Vlogs , challenges , tags , covers and more. I post videos every Saturday. Me and Kaylee have a channel together too , we make music videos almost every other week. I'm a sophomore in high school , Im a drama nerd! I love performing, drama helped be more confident which helped me start making covers. I'm not short I'm fun sized , I have dark brown hair and eyes , tan skin and glasses. Since I started doing covers my subscribers have grown a huge amount ! I have a channel with kKaylee and my main channel. My main channel has recently reached 50,000, our channel is newer but it has about 30,000.  

Kaylee has brown hair and blue eyes, and has 2 sister and a brother. She's not too tall but not too short. Shes medium! She has have low self confidence, but making YouTube videos has helped her. She's more outgoing and doesn't care what people think , it's helped both of us come out if our shells. YouTube made two shy , soft spoken , quiet girls into more random , spontaneous , risk taking people.  

"Uhm I think you should sing" she paused and thought to herself  

" I think you should do a original one. I mean your always writing In your song notebook ! I'm sure there's one in there you could do!" Kaylee responded  

"Really ? You think I should ? I mean I have a lot but would they be good enough. Like eoukd anyone like them ?" I asked  

"Well you'll never know if you never try!" She convinced me  

"True true" I laughed  

I leaned over and pulled out my song binder. It had papers and notebooks , it was one of those huge binders. I had been writing songs since seventh grade. About a few months apart of making YouTube videos.  

"What song should I do ?" I asked handing the binder to kaylee 

She flipped through the papers , the notebooks, scanning every lyric before turning the page.  

"I like this one. I think it be a good choice since its your first original on YouTube." She said pointing to a song I wrote a while back. It was called "This Is Me", it's a slower song. I wrote it after a dream I had , the main reason I started posting covers. People told me I should , I thought of it but I never actually did till I had that dream.  

"Yeah , that be a good one" I agreed  

"But should I keep it a piano version or" I added 

" I think you should keep it like it is. It's perfect !" She told me  

"Thanks. Ill work on it and such. Maybe if it turns out good ill post it next Saturday" I replied  

" yeah do that." She said looking at her phone "hey I gotta go! Gotta watch the monsters" she joked 

She loved her siblings but they had a love hate relationship.  

I walked her to the door , she lived across the street a few houses down.  

"Bye loser. See you tomorrow ?" I asked opening the front door  

"Bye. And yeah. Same song ?" She asked  

"Yeah. Same one." I replied  

We were filming a music video for our chancel tomorrow. I walked back to my room and plopped down on my soft bed. I was thinking about the song and exactly what I wanted it to be. A few minuets passed and I was dead a sleep.

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