Chapter 9 - dont cry

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" hey , bud." She said sitting next to me.

"Hey" I smiled

She moved closer to me and put her hand on my shoulder.

" last night was fun. We need to do that again. Except , just us." She smiled

Did she just say that ? She did, she just said that.

" yeah ! That was fun" I smiled

"When do you think we can?" She asked

" I'd say tonight but I'm not sure you'd wanna" I said laughing

"It's a plan!" She replied laughing too

Really? That just happened ? Wow.

"But I was gonna ask if I could stay the night again but on purpose this time?" She asked giggling

"Yeah. That's fine" I smiled on the outside but died on the inside .

Savvy's pov

This is odd. I'm not sure why but it is. I texted mom and asked if I could .

"Yes, if it's okay with his parents . I think it be good for you to get out if the house. I shouldn't have grounded you or reacted that way. I'm sorry, but you gotta start talking to someone" she replied

" thanks and I know , but what do you mean talking ?"

" like having therapist but not a therapist . Someone you can talk to that way "

" oh okay . Thanks "

" well , I gotta go. See you tonight "


"Hey, it's okay for me to stay if it's okay with your parents " I said

"Okay, I'll ask but I need to ask

You something too" he said shy

" okay ! What's that "

He had this look , I'd never seen before . He began speaking and a test ran down.

"OMG don't cry baby. It's a yes to whatever it is." I jumped up hugging him tightly

" I was gonna ask you if you could come to the funeral with me" he asked

"Of course ! I'm not gonna let you go threw that alone " I said still hugging him"

" I love you dude. Your one of my best friends ! I can't stand to see you hurt or sad. Like when that one chick dumped you because your to nerdy and I kinda chewed her out and all that in like 8th grade" I laughed

"Oh oh and that one time that guy broke up with me because I would put out for him and you went and got all the baseball team " I paused

" oh and when my mom and him got a divorce. You've been there for me and I'm there for you. It's how it works bae. When we have no one else , we at least have each other" I smiled

"You mean that ?!" He said

"Every word" I replied

*an hour later *

" hey ,sugar. I gotta go practice with Kaylee . I'll be back soon." I said opening the front door

" okay, have fun and be careful" he replied

" I will , thanks. Oh and don't forget about tonight !" I said

"What's tonight ?" He said serious

" date night ! Don't tell me you forgot !" I said

He just laughed .

" ugh . Don't do that . Loser, go get ready . I gotta go . Love you, bye " I said going to my car

"Love you too!" He smiled


Hope you like it (:

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