Fake girlfriend ?

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Fake girlfriend ?

" thanks again, sav" I said giving her a hug .

" of course , love " she said smiling .

Still holding my hand. Unexpected but thankful for .

" Martin man. I see you FINALLY got you a girlfriend . Thought you where gay for a while in all honesty " a voice echoed

It was Steve , A older cousin .

He's always picked on me.

About any and everything .

"Hey , dude . How have you been?" I asked somewhat smiling . " and oh we're not-" savannah cut me off .

" we're not 100% official yet. So only a few people know right now." She replied

What was she doing ? I don't mind it but why ?

" we've been together a while now . I haven't met any of you till now for a reason though . I wouldn't be meeting you now if I didn't feel my , sweetheart needed me. Ya know ?" She added

She was going all lovey dovey and emotional . A side of savannah I've never seen.

Her acting skills where in use.

" well , Martin I'm proud of you and all but how'd a hot girl like her end up with a guy like you !?" He laughed

" yes , she is hot but don't refer to her that way . That's not the correct term , that's actually somewhat degrading ." I replied

" well then" he said in shock .

" it's been nice talking to y'all but we're being called over there . Been a pleasure meeting you." Savannah said taking my hand and walking away.

" savannah . Thanks but what was that for ? He's gonna tell people . There's no way we can keep it a secret . He's gonna find out it's a lie and call me gay again" I said

" if I have to pretend the whole time were here . I will ." She responded

The day wasn't a good day but it was in the verge of getting there.

" really ? You'd do that for me ?" I asked.

" I am" she laughed

The day came to an end .

I'd met and saw family members I only knew existed by pictures.

We took many pictures too.

I got savannah to take some too .

That night while savannah was in the shower , I called josh .


" hey, josh " I said

" hey man . How you feeling?" He asked .

" I'm decent . I'd be a wreck without sav " I replied.

" I know . She's great at comforting people" josh answered

" yeah but she keeps doing things a girlfriend would do . I'm not complaining , I just don't get it. " I said into the phone .

I was laying on the bed. Boxers only .

" I understand but what's she doing ?" He questioned

" like my cousin saw us holding hands at the funeral. He was like you finally got you a gf. I was getting ready to saw we where just friends and she told him we had been together a while " I said somewhat laughing

" really ?" He asked

" yeah and she held my hand the whole funeral and most of the visitation . She's gave me like 5 kisses on the check and constantly hugs me . Like it's good but it's confusing ." I replied

" have you told her how you feel ?" Josh asked

" no..." I awkwardly said

" why not ?"

" I'm scared." I stated

" she's your best friend bro. Don't be scared" he laughed

" I don't know . Nows not really the right time . Maybe when we get home ." I said

" I understand " he said

I now had josh on speaker .

" is that Joshua ?!" Sav yelled running out in a bra and shorts.

" yes" I said turning around .

My jaw dropped a little , maybe even drooled.

" josh ! I miss you bud!" She called into the phone.

She sat on the bed and got under the covers.

" are you gonna finish getting dressed ?" I laughed

" cuh . I am dressed. Your

Lucky I even have pants on" she laughed

" what's going on" josh chucked

" sav's wearing a bra and shorts" I added

" and your complaining ?" He laughed again

We all three talked till midnight.

" martinnnnn" savannah called while I turned the light off.

" yes?" I said getting under the covers

" I loveeee you best fraaand" she said rolling over

" haha I love you too " I smiled

The only thing was I didn't just

Love her , I was inlove .

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