Chapter 3 - prom ?

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i jumped out of bed with confindence , today i was singing the song "This Is Me" inffront of Kaylee. I had practiced all week ! I walked over to play the song one more time before she came over. I did some vocal warm ups along with some piano , keyboard warm ups. Not long after i heard a knock at the door.

"Heyy" i said opening the door to see a familar face

"How are youuu" he said smiling

"Im good , and you ?" i asked awkwardly.

It was Martin , we had gone to school together since middle school.  we were like best friends now. we hung out a lot and had planned on making a video together next week. Martin was a grade above me ,  He had green eyes , Brown hair and wasnt to white.he was obsessed with YouTube as much as I was.

"Im good... but i was in the neighboorhood and thought id stop byyyy" he explained

"Bruhhh you live in this neighboorhood" i joked

"hah yeah but i needed to ask you something but i dont know where i put my phone" he said shyly

"Hah what is it ?" i asked

"Are youu goinggggg toooo prommm? he asked holding up a single rose

"I... I dunno" I replied looking down

"well miss savannah, I would love to go to my first  prom with you" he smiled

"awhhh thanks love. im honored you'd ask me but I don't think proms really my thing. i'm more skinny jeans and vans than heels and a dress,you know ?" I said watching his smile fade "but but If I go to prom I will deff go with youuuu" I said hoping to cheer him up

"really ?" he asked full of hope

"of course! your like like my best frannndddd, i'd love to go with you, just I don't think im the prom type of girl" I said still holding the door open

"Yeah , I understand" he said with the same disappointed look

"any girl would be lucky to go with you! your amazing!" I said hoping to cheer him up

"your just saying that!" he said in reply

"noooooooooo, its true" I smiled

"hahah you suck at lying!" he laughed

"do not!' I laughed

"do too!" he smiled

"nope nope." I winked

"are toooo! your just , your in denial" he laughed

"wellll' I stopped "that's not appropriate" I laughed

"hahaha weirdo" he joked

"loserrrrr" I replied

"geek" he responded

"your faceeeeeeeee" I laughed

"I know huhhhh" he smiled

"this , this is why were best friends" I laughed

"yeah , bestfriends" he sighed

I felt kinda bad , I had just made him happy after making him look all down. I just need to shut up. We are really close and hang out all the time , why would me not going to prom make him so down and depressed. We're just friends, right ? theres nothing between us but that. Why would he wanna go to prom with me anyway. im confused.he's fairly popular , but not stuck up popular , he's on the baseball team , girls here love a guy who plays sports , no matter the sport.

"Martin" I said

"Yes?" he looked at me

"Why do you wanna go to prom with me? you could ask any girl at school and they would die! why me? im not popular , im not skinny , im the shy and quite kid who makes YouTube videos. why would you wanna go with me ?" I asked looking down

"why would I wanna go with you?" he replied

"yeah" I said closing the door and sitting on the steps

"well lets see, your amazing! your my best friend , your so sweet and kind. Your totes random , I like that , it make the night interesting. Your extremely beautiful, and any guy would be lucky to take you and i'd make the whole team Jelly." he smiled sitting next to me

"really ? thanks babe" I smiled and blushing a little

"Really" he said leaning in

"uhmm ..mart" I said being stopped by his lips meeting mine.

It was a random , unexpected kiss. I never thought Martin , my guy best friend , would be my first kiss. Not just because he's my best friend but because he's popular , he could get any girl , why would he kiss me ?

"uhmm, am I interrupting anything ?" Kaylee asked

"oh no, of course not! we were just talking about Prom!" I said trying not to be awkward , I failed.

"Oh uhmm that's nice" She replied

"Yeah , it is!" Martin said licking his lips

"Soooo hows the song coming ?" she asked changing the subject

"Its great! I actually really like it." I added

"what song? is it a new cover?!?!" he asked excitedly

"hah no, not this week" I smiled

"Its a original" Kaylee added

"Reallly? you still write songs?" he asked

"sure do bruh" I smiled

"wellll ill let you to do whatever it is your going to do." he said as we both stood up

"Hahah alrighty" I laughed

"Wellllll , ill look for my phone and maybe call you later ? I mean, if your okay.. I mean if you don't care , I mean I just... ill see you later" he said awkwardly

"Bye love" I said giving him a hug

"Bye Kaylee!" he said walking away

"Bye Martinn!" she waved


hope you like it!!(:

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