Chapter 2 - mic check

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Chapter 2 -

"Hey Savannah! Mic check in three!" A guy said

"Mic check in three , thank you !" I yelled

Everyone looked at me a little funny.

"It's a habit ! Sorry !" I shouted loud enough for everyone to hear

"It's fine. " the guy laughed

"Hey Leo! When's mic check ?" A voice boomed from stage left

"In about two min" Leo replied

"Okay thanks !" The dude said looking over at me and added "hi , I'm

Austin and this is my friend Robert. What's your name ?!" Austin said

"Nice to meet you! My names savannah !" I smiled shaking their hands

"Oh hey Robert can you show savannah were the mics and everything are ?" Leo asked

"Yeah. Of course " Robert smiled

I followed the dude to a room backstage. There was a wall about as tall as me , mics in pockets up and down the wall. He handed me mic five and helped me hook it up. Austin was before me on the list. We were performing at teen hoot and the concert was the next night. The order of the show was April Lockhart , skylar dayne , Arabella jones , Dylan holland , Austin mahone , Trevor Moran , Megan lee , and myself. Austin did mic check and I was next. It went perfectly! I had decided my set, first song was "what makes you beautiful" along with other covers off my YouTube channel.

Austin sang his songs then I did mine. The other performers had already left, leaving me , Kaylee , Austin , Robert Alex and Andrew. We finished the mic check and decided to go eat and hangout. Austin and Alex headed back to the hotel not to long after we ate , kaylee and Andrew went into a sovernier shop while me and Robert stopped in a record shop. I was looking at each and every record. Scanning each one I walked by until I say the record I've wanted since I started collecting. A Beatles record ! I had finally found one.

"Hey savannah" Robert said

"Hey roberttt" I replied

"I love you" he said looking over at me

"I love you too" I replied

"Wait what " I added "that escalated quickly ".

"Is that ... Why is everybody talks playing In a record store?" I asked looking over at Robert

I then realized it my alarm and instantly woke up.

Kaylee's dream

I was walking around outside, when a cute boy walked up to me. "Hey, I'm Andrew. What's your name?" I blushed. "My names Kaylee." He nodded. "That's a pretty name. So what are you walking around here all by yourself for?" I just shrugged my shoulders. "No reason, I just needed some fresh air I guess. How about you?" He also shrugged his shoulders. "Same." After that, we just walked around in a comfortable silence until we were told to go back inside for sound check. "I guess I'll see you later?" Andrew asked hopfully. I smiled. "Of course."

Hope you like this !!!(:

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