Chapeter 6 - facetime

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*Martin's POV*

i'm going to facetime savannah ... in like five min. whoah. Hows my hair look ? 

i began brushing my hair nervously. 

We had facetimed and skyped before but this time was different. Maybe because i randomly kissed her. Maybe because she said yes to Prom. Maybe because i might be in love with my best friend and just realized it. I'm not sure.

*Savannah's POV* 

Martin seemed a little odd today. I hope he's okay. He asked me to prom , odd. He seemed nervous , odd. He kissed me ,odd. He just seemed odd today. Not even his normal awkward self. Odd. 

I'll just ask when we facetime. 

My phone began buzzing, it was Martin. I Answered.

"Hello love" i said smiling.

"Hey Savannah" Martin said with a hug smile.

"How are youuu ?" i asked

"Im great!" he responded 

"Good to hear !" i replied

"Yeah , and you ? how are you ?" he said smiling once more.

"I'm good" i laughed a little

"So whats up ?" he asked

"Nothing reallyyyyy. Thinking , sitting , and talking to you" i said

"Fun stuff" he smiled "what ya thinking about ?" he asked

"Some stuffffffffffff" i laughed

"Liiiiiiiikkkeeeeee" he replied

"Uhmmm well one ... why where you sooooo ... like... whats the word.... out of it. yeah , why where you out of it today ?" i asked

"What do you mean ?" he asked

"Likee you seemed odd.... even for you." i said 

"Oh" he said

"Yeahhhhh. what was that about ?" i asked

"Uhmmm .... wellllll i was ... i was nervous about asking you to prom ...." he said shyly

"What ? whyyy ? its just me?" i said 

"Yeah." he replied

"Is that all ? like you seemed reallllyyyyy out of it" i said

"No... the .... we kissed... and im not sure what happened." he said 

"What do you mean ?" i said confused

"well , i just randomly kissed you.... and i didn't know if that would affect our friendship in a bad way. You know make everything super awk." he said 

"Ohhhh nawh bruh. everythings fine" i said smiling 

"Really ?!!?" he asked 

"of course loser ! nothing could change our friendship ! like really ... it was just a kiss. its all good bro!" i said smiling

*Martin's POV*

"Oh yeah... just a kiss.... something little as that wouldn't do anything" i said frocing a smile

The best kiss of my life , with a girl i may be in love with , was only a kiss to her. 

One of the best days of my life was just another day to her. 

What was i thinking. All me and Savannah will ever be is friends. Nothing less and nothing more except mayb super best friends.

"Heeeeyyyyy loser ! waht is yuh doinnnn saturday ?!" she asked.

"Nothing that i know of." i said.

"Good. your coming with me to eat dinner with mum and her new boyyyyffrrrrieeennd. k ?" she said

"Sooooo like a doublee dateee ?" i said with a wink jokingly

"Sure! why nawt !" she laughed

"Reallllehhh ?" i smiled

"Realleh" she laughed again

"Sooo its a date!" i said smiling

"Sho is. wear something cuteee" she said with a wink

"will do." i laughed

"Ohh oooooo wear a bow tie !!" she said excited

"haha okay. can i ask you something ?" i asked

"Totes!" she replied

"sooo i have this suppeeerrr hawt date saturday and i dunno what to wear. any ideas ?" i asked 

"Oh reallleh ? whose this luckehh girl ? will i approvee ?" she asked jokingly

"of course ! you will love her !" i said

"And whys that ?" she asked

"Becauseee .... she amazing. super funny , random , talented and insanely pretty. the only way you could not like her is to be satan" i laughed

"Really ?" she asked

"Yeah....." i said realzing some of what i had just said

"Uhmmm hey , can we finish this conversation later ? its getting late and i have things to do in the morninggg ?" she smiled

"Of course !" i said 

"Thanks cutie ! soooo i guesss.... Nini !" she said 

"Night ! love yo.." i stopped myself hopeing she didn't hear

"nnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhttttt love youuu tooo !" she smiled hanging up her phone

i quickly went toJosh's contact.

"Hey man ! sooo i facetimed savannah !(: "

Josh replied fast "hey bro, how did it go ?"

"I have a 'date' saturday..." i replied


hope you liked it !(:

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