Chapter 12 - plot twist

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"Fun wasn't it" Martin laughed

"Ehhh, I wouldn't say fun" I groaned

"Soo why didn't you wanna go with them?" He asked

"Because , it's my mother. It's weird seeing her with a man I don't know . How do I know she won't get hurt ? I don't think I can go through seeing her that hurt again" I replied

He didn't say anything .

"Why do you think I'm still single? I'm scared to let a guy in. I'm scared I'm gonna get hurt" I sighed

"Savvy , any guy would be lucky to have you. Your amazing and funny, your beautiful and strong. Your so sweet and smart. You have a smile that lights up the room." He said

Before I could say anything , he continued.

" I know you and other girls joke about the one direction song being wrote about you ... But it's true about you" he added

I was at a loss for words . My guy next friend just said that.

Plot twist.

Does he actually like me?

Prom? The kiss? Tonight ?

Maybe ?

I'm so dumb with guys .

*martins pov*

I really just did that. Greeeaaaattt.

Did I just mess up again. Lord knows I've done so much of that.

"Hey , wanna watch a movie?" She said interrupting the silence

"Sure, but can it be a horror ?" I pleaded

"Yeah , as long as your chill with being all over you or throwing what I'm eating at you" she laughed

We went and found some scary movie and ordered a desert pizza .

Threw out the movie savannah was grabbing my arms and hiding her face in my chest.

We also made piña coladas.

Sav knew how to make them

Really well.

"Hey Martin . Put something else in" she whined

"Okay , like what ?" I asked

"Your call " she said rolling on the sofa .

I randomly picked one.

"Really ?" She said looking at me odd

"I just grabbed one!" I laughed

"Ugh." She laughed

"What you don't like this movie ?" I replied

"That's an understatement . I love the show , not this" she responded

We began the movie and not long I noticed sav staring at me.

"What ?" I laughed

"Nothing, your just adorable " she smiled

I blushed , she really just said that.

"You know the other day , when you asked me to prom" she stopped

"Yeah" I laughed

"And you kissed me?" She added

I got nervous , what if we were gonna talk and what if our friendship is different . I panicked.

"Yea" I gulped

"I think you wanna do that again" she said biting her lips

I leaned in unsure if this was a dream or reality .

We kissed . One after another . Soft and sweet.

We sat there cuddling till we fell asleep .

That just happened.



Hope you like it(:

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