Izeiah's Pov

He was way too close to me I could hardly breath. I didn't understand what he just said. I was too disturb.

"What?" Kumunot ang noo ko.

"I said---" He put one hand around ny waist and pulled me in closer.

"If you want to know what had happened that night--- kiss me." My hands immedietly acted and went to his chest and tried to push him off.

"Ivan. What you're asking is way beyond the line. Know your limits." He smirked.

The elders are really fuming mad right now. If I want to calm them down, I have to know why the Gryst have to apologize to us.

I was too out of focus that I didn't even realize Ivan carried me to my bed. He dropped me and went above me with both of his hands stretched out to keep him from squishing me.

"My little Izeiah, I don't just give things for granted." I felt his hand rub the side of my belly and it's slowly moving up.

"Do you know what happened after you ate that chocolate?" He asked again. Chocolate? Yung chocolate bar na ibinigay ni Butler Chan?

He lowered his head beside my neck.

"You got drunk and then I lose control." He whispered.

"What do you mean?" He started sniffing my neck and the next thing he did got me so shocked I pushed him off.

"I told you to stand behind the line but now you've crossed it Ivan." He freaking gave me a hickey! In anger, I left the dorm.

Let me pay that guy a visit.

Tinawagan ko muna si Butler Chan.

On the phone

Butler Chan:
Yes, milady?

Send me a choker
and my outfit. Asap
Oh, and send it to
Ren's House. I'm going
over there

Butler Chan:
I understand


Ibinulsa ko na ang phone ko at dumiretso sa likod ng school para doon dumaan. Tsk. Walang security doon dahil inalis ko nung pumunta nanaman ako sa bahay niya. Buti nalang at walang nakapansin.

Tumalon na ako sa bakod. Damn. Nagoover the bakod na ako dito. It feels wrong.

But anyways mabilis akong nakapunta sa bahay niya kasi tumakbo ako.

I pushed the doorbell.

"Sino iyan?" Wow, mukhang kagigising nitong lalaking ito ah.

"Eyo!" I shouted behind the door.

"What the fuck!" I heard him whisper yell.

"Ahh! Bakit nandito ka nanaman?" Bungad niya pagkabukas na pagkabukas ng pinto.

"My Butler delivered something to this address, I'm here to come pick it up and to also pay you a visit." I answered and pushed him to the side so I can enter his house.

"Akala ko mamaya kapa pupunta dito. Bakit napaaga ka?" I can hear disappointment embracing his words.

"Ahh. Malapit na ang 2nd Semester wala pa ba sila?" Tanong ni Ren. Umiling naman ako at pumunta sa fridge.

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