Vernon part 2

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From part 1:

One by one you approached the members. You would act normally like other fans but since you knew the boys personally they went a little overboard. You sent death glares and they laughed. Since you were the last fan, when you were done talking they one member they would get up and walk backstage: this is how they get the cake ready. Vernon looked at them confused. You kept your head down with your hoodie on. You finally got to Vernon.

"Hey, what's your name?" He asked gently smiling.

You kept your head down, "my name is ____"

"____? That's a really pretty name" you glanced up a little and saw him smiling, "I know a girl name ____, she's the best girl you can ask for"

"Really?" You giggled.

"Yeah, haha. Now why don't you show me your face?" He pulled on your hood gently. (Remember you're wearing a onesie!!!)

"Okay," you looked up at him and you saw him shocked.

"____?!" He covered his mouth, "what are you doing here!"

"Am I not allowed to be here?" You smirked, "now hurry up and sign my album before other fans kill me"

"O-okay.." he quickly signed it and handed it to you.

"Thanks" you winked signaled the boys to come.

"WAH!!" You heard the fans cheering as the boys brought it the cake.

"What? What is this?" Vernon looked at you and the boys confused.

You walked over to the boys, "it's our 1 year anniversary dumby" you looked back at him, "did you forget?" You frowned.

"Of course not haha" he walked over to you and hugged you. "Thanks ___"

You then heard the fans whispering, screaming, yelling. They did not sound happy. You bit your lip and pulled on Vernon's sleeve.

"I'll handle it don't worry," Hoshi said as he grabbed the mic.

"Fans! Let's just spill the beans here aight?? Yes I have a younger sister and yes that's her," he pointed to you, "and now her and Vernon are going out. I know y'all are probably upset and mad but I'm hoping you guys respect their relationship" the room got quiet.

"Oh and one more thing," Vernon snatched the mic out of Hoshi's hand, "if anything happens to her or if anything goes on that relates to her, I'm going to be really disappointed in you guys. God who knows what I'll do." He gave the mic back to Hoshi and walked back towards me.

"Yah, watch your mouth" you heard Joshua say and gave Vernon a small pinch.

"Aish...I know I know" Vernon rolled his eyes.

The fan meeting was over and everyone left. It was just you and Vernon.

"Ah, I have to give you something" you pulled out your backpack and reached in for the photo album, "here. I hope you like it" you laughed nervously.

"Hmmm....I wonder what it is" he unwrapped the gift and saw the photo album. He skimmed through the pages and started smiling. "I love this ____! This is such a wonderful gift" he hugged you, "thank you"

"Haha I'm glad you liked it." You hugged him back. You were waiting for him to give you a gift but he didn't say anything nor do anything. Because you were patient you decided not to ask him.

"Oppa, I'm gonna go I have a shift in an hour...I have to get ready." You smiled weakly at your lie.

"Arraseo..I'll see you later then" he kissed your forehead and you walked out the door.

How come he didn't get me anything? I planned so much for him, yet i get nothing in return? you sighed and kicked the can on the ground. You reached your front doorsteps until you remembered that you forgot something back at the fan sign. You checked your bags.

"My album! where is it!" you shuffled through it, "I swear I had it!" you turned around and ran back to the place. You got to the door and tried opening it but it was locked, too late.

"No! my album...ugh...what if someone took it..i freaking spent $22 dollars on it!" you screamed and tried opening the door again. You slammed it with your palms and slowly walked back home.

You got home and saw that the front door was unlocked, "Did Hoshi forget to lock it after?" you mumbled to yourself and opened the door and your eyes grew big.

In front of you on the floor were rose petals everywhere with balloons and candle lights making a pathway. You looked around the room and saw pictures of you and Vernon either hung on the wall or taped. Walking up the pathway you saw a huge box in front of you, you smirked and guessed that Vernon was hiding in there. You opened the top and as the sides of the box fell down, a dog jumped out and forced you to the ground.

"Omo!" you started laughing, "Aigoo, you're so cute!" you patted its head. You looked at the collar and saw its name, "Lucky?" you looked up the dog who was wagging its tail and panting.

"SURPRISE!!!" you jumped and saw the boys come out of Hoshi's room with a heart shaped balloon and cupcakes.

"Haha, what is this for? It's not my birthday or anything....Its-"

"our one year anniversary" you saw Vernon come through them with a bouquet of roses.

"V-Vernon..." you stuttered.

"You actually thought I wouldn't get you a gift? you're kidding me right? and on top of that you lied to me about your shift" he frowned.

"S-sorry, ithoughtyouforgotandigotkindaworriedimeansadbut-" you were then cut off by his lips slowly kissing yours.

"Stop talking fast, that's a bad habit of yours" he said as he smiled, "I love you ____" he kissed you again and this time you kissed back.

"YAH! DON'T DO THAT IN FRONT OF US!! WE STILL HAVE A 16 YEAR OLD HERE!" S. Coups yelled laughing while everyone fell to the floor cracking up.

"Shut up Coups" you smiled and you hugged Vernon, "I love you too Vernon"

"Happy one year anniversary ____"

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