Dearest Isabel,

Perhaps you could accompany me to Gloria's this evening?



Isabel had laughed out loud when the maid had delivered the expensive card with the flawless calligraphy scrawled on it. She had set it on her vanity but all day her mind kept wandering back to it until she made up her mind.

Not so dearest Klaus,

I am an extremely busy woman and I do not know if I can make time for such things. Perhaps you will see me tonight.


Then Isabel went to find what dress she wanted to wear.


"What the bloody hell does this mean?" Klaus says, slapping down the note in front of Rebekah who is drinking from a compelled human. She licks her lips before picking up the note and laughing out loud.

"Gosh, she's a riot," Rebekah laughs which increases Klaus's irration levels.

"It's not funny, Rebekah," Klaus growls before picking up the note and stomping out of the room, Rebekah's laughter following him down the hall.


Klaus was a ball of nerves all day which was quite amusing to Rebekah much to his dismay. All day he battled with himself whether or not he should go. What if she didn't show up and he looked like a fool?

Rebekah had Stefan so if Klaus went he would be all alone all night, Rebekah would most likely tease him and tell Isabel all about it later.

"God hates a coward, Niklaus," Rebekah had said which made him finally decide to go, whatever the outcome.

"Look who decided to show up," Rebekah smiled at her older brother when she saw Isabel sitting at the bar, much like she had been the night that Klaus first saw her.

Her blonde hair fell in looser curls than usual, her lips painted a glossy blood red and her flawless frame adorned in a floor length gold gown.

"I wasn't worried," Klaus easily lies before going over to great the blonde who seems unaware of the countless number of eyes on her.

"Here I thought you would stand me up," Klaus says, sliding into the seat next to her with a smirk placed on his lips.

"I just didn't have the heart to break yours," Isabel easily retorts making Klaus laugh.

"Rebekah has been eager to see you, will you come sit with us?" Klaus asks gesturing over to booth where Stefan and Rebekah sit, Rebekah eagerly waves at her friend.

"I'd be delighted," Isabel says, following Klaus over to the booth with her drink in hand. Rebekah stands up and kisses her friend on the cheek, exchanging compliments.

"I don't believe you have met Stefan Salvatore," Rebekah says, gesturing to her companion.

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