Isabel sat on the outside of the booth, her elbow resting on the table with a cigarette lazily dangling from her perfectly manicured fingers. Her legs crossed with her foot swaying to the swanky music, her back comfortably leaned into the booth with her head turned as she took in the live music.

To anyone else she looked utterly enthralled with the music but in reality she was thinking about Klaus and the girl with him or Wendy as Isabel had learned was her name. Wendy was very sweet and Isabel could tell she was head over heels for the original, her big innocent brown eyes adoringly taking in Klaus's features every time he spoke.

Wendy had been excited to meet the Sterling girl, saying that she had been at her birthday bash declaring it the best party of the year to which Isabel smiled warmly and thanked her for coming. Isabel knew that Wendy knew nothing of Klaus's vampirism or his cruel intent in bringing her to Gloria's on this evening. So Isabel would not punish Wendy for Niklaus's sadistic ways while his deep blue eyes bore into Isabel hungrily awaiting a reaction.

Isabel decided that she should be done with the original, at least in any romantic regard. They were both too volatile and competitive, maybe Isabel had mistaken the enjoyment of a sparring partner as real feelings? But Isabel couldn't ignore the fact that every time she looked at the original she felt her heart swell and a need to be near him.

"Isabel," Isabel heard Jason say in a way that suggested he had been trying to get her attention for a moment.

"Sorry, yes?" she replied, her eyes distant but her expression warm and happy as her focus returned to the table

"I was just wondering if you would perhaps like to dance?" Elijah asked, glancing between her and the band she had been so intently staring as moments before.

"I would very much enjoy that," Isabel smiled, scooting out of the booth and smoothing out her dress.

"Love, would you care the dance?" Klaus said in the direction to Wendy though his eyes never left Isabel who waited for Jason to let Elijah out of the booth.

"Oh, yes. Indeed," Wendy said eagerly who was blissfully unaware of the uncomfortable air between Klaus and Isabel. Wendy followed Elijah out of the booth who lent her a hand once she got to the edge of the seat with Klaus behind her.

"Rebekah?" Jason asked, offering his arm to the female original who nodded.

"Thank you," Rebekah politely said, smiling at the Sterling sibling before taking his arm.

"Now it's a party," Isabel grinned, taking Elijah's arm.


Klaus barely glanced at Wendy as they waited for the music start and he could faintly hear Wendy's voice never shutting up. His eyes were practically glued to Isabel as her and Elijah positioned themselves as the music began. Isabel and Elijah were saying things quietly to one another and Klaus strained to hear but couldn't due to their low tones.

His face became hot with jealousy when his brother laughed, his hands hovering on Isabel's waist with  his lips next to her ears as she grinned at whatever he said before playfully hitting his chest. Before the music picked up to which Isabel bit her bottom lip, sauntering towards Elijah as she moved her hips with her eyes narrowed as if they shared a secret.

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