Isabel had always been an odd child, she preferred to be alone and when she occasionally would join in with children her age (due to her Mother's constant pushing) it felt silly to her. Isabel never liked playing with dolls either which set her even farther apart from the other girls though Isabel never seemed to notice.

"Darling, what are you doing?" her Mother asked, sitting down next to the little girl on the couch.

 Isabel's chubby little fingers flicked through the pages of an old grimoire, her already striking green eyes hungrily drinking in the spells. At only the age of nine, she already had the power of the average eighteen year old in the coven.

"I'm reading, Mother," Isabel replied, not looking up from the book.

"I hear you were invited to Alexei's birthday party tomorrow, what are you going to wear?" her Mother asked, trying to relate with her daughter. The two were either always fighting or simply ignoring each other.

"I'm not going," Isabel finally replied when her Mother took the grimoire out of her small hands, placing it on the table.

"Yes, you are. I will not have the other Mother's thinking that I have some freak daughter," Isabel's Mother snapped at her, quickly losing her patience.

"I don't have time for such frivolous things, perhaps you can take my place," Isabel snapped back, grabbing her book and leaving the room.

"You are an ungrateful little bit-," her mother's yells cut off by Isabel slamming the door to the library.


When Isabel reached sixteen every young gentleman wished to have her affection, any where from the age of the thirteen to thirty men attempted to capture her attention. Young women were jealous of her as well, doing anything to diminish her reputation.

"Isabel, so glad you could make it," Alexei falsely kissed Isabel's cheek, Isabel's Mother adoringly looking at Alexei. Isabel's Mother had always said "Alexei was the daughter I never had" and coincidentally Alexei was engaged to Jason.

"It's my pleasure, happy eighteenth birthday," Isabel said to the brunette before leaving Alexei and her Mother to gossip. Isabel was relieved when she spotted Jason standing with their friend, George.

"Thank the heavens, I was worried I might have to talk to Mother and Alexei," Isabel sighed in relief when she reached the two, snatching George's alcohol from his hands.

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