When Isabel returned home and it was evident she was in a foul mood Jason had retreated into his quarters, asking the maids to bring his dinner up to him. Isabel didn't notice any way as she was so angry she felt as if she could barely see straight.

How dare they think she was like one of them? That she would enjoy such cruel and twisted games, the part that scared her was there was a small part of her that grinned along with them as they tortured that man.

She didn't even take off her dress as she lay down on her chaise lounge, mascara running down her cheeks with her watery tears. Isabel heard the doorbell and assumed that one of the maids would get it, not even moving to see who it was.

"Miss. Isabel, there's someone here to see you," the maid, Mona said through the double doors.

"Tell them to go away and never come back," Isabel says, hiding the fact that she was crying. 

"Isabel, open the door or I will kick it down," Klaus said through the door, Isabel simply laughed as she sat up.

"Go ahead, what are you going to do? Make me drink someones blood?" Isabel angrily said, tears still pouring down her face. Isabel was scared and not of the vampires, of what she had done. She hadn't meant to do that to Stefan.

"Isabel, open this door. Now," Klaus says once more and after a moment when she doesn't, he easily kicks the door down. Isabel doesn't even glance up as a chocked sob leaves her mouth. 

Klaus stops short in surprise when he sees her a mess, a beautiful mess. Her dress sleeve hanging off her shoulder, exposing her skin. Mascara covering her cheeks and her bottom lip quivering.

"Why are you all like that? Thinking it's fun to torture people, was that why you invited me? To torture me?" Isabel asks him, a stony expression taking over her face as she refuses to cry in front of him.

"No! I invited you because I like you!" Klaus yells, Isabel can't help but feel relieved that Jason can't hear them on the other side of the mansion. Jason would interfere if he heard.

"Well! Aren't I just the luckiest girl in the world? I don't like myself when i'm around you!" Isabel says, standing up from the chaise lounge. Pacing back and forth as Klaus just watches her.

"I didn't mean to do that to Stefan! I just felt so angry! I almost killed him!" Isabel cries, running her hands over her face.

"But you didn't! He's fine!" Klaus argues with an exasperated sigh.

"The only thing that stopped me was when you all looked at me the way that man looked at all of you," Isabel says, meeting Klaus's eyes.

Klaus stays silent since he isn't sure what to say, he had been fascinated and felt fear for a fleeting moment. When he looks up to say something she's already gone, having brushed past him.


A little shorter but I wanted to write down this scene before I forgot where I wanted to take it! Ta-da! Let me know what you think! Also that's the dress she wore to Gloria's, I just wanted to put a gif on the last chapter!

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