Isabel stopped listening to the conversation basically the moment she sat down, then she just stared at the fork in front of her. Wishing that it would fly into her throat and kill her instantly. Jason occasionally elbowed her when no one was paying attention in an attempt to say 'Please make conversation'.

"I'm going to go to the ladies room. Isabel?" Rebekah said, smiling at the girl. Isabel smiled back at her and got up, waiting for Stefan to let Rebekah out of the booth. 

Isabel hated the unwritten rule that when there was more than one female at a table as soon as one had to powder her nose, the rest had to follow like an army of mindless drones. But Isabel didn't state this because she knew Jason would be upset with her later.

When Stefan stood up, he looked down at Isabel with his cynical smirk as if to dare her to attack him. Instead of snapping his neck with a flick of her wrist, Isabel tried to smile at him but it came out as more of a chastising sneer.

Rebekah got out of the seat, linking her arm through Isabel's and heading off to the ladies room. As soon as they were out of ear shot of the table, Rebekah stopped abruptly and turned around to face the younger girl.

 "I get that you're angry at us for torturing that human but needn't be so rude," Rebekah said in a snooty tone, her arms crossed as if in an attempt to intimidate the witch.

"I'm the one being rude? Rude is slitting a woman's wrist and attempting to make her husband drink it," Isabel replied before going to walk past Rebekah.

Rebekah watched the witch go into the bathroom before sighing and following after her. Isabel was adding a touch of powder to her petite nose when the original walked in.

"I'm sorry and I did like being your friend," Rebekah said quietly, barely audible to the witch. To say the least Isabel was surprised, Rebekah didn't seem the type to apologize.

"You're still my friend, if you weren't I would have actually killed Stefan but I know you care for him," Isabel stated, making eye contact with the other blonde in the mirror who was broken out in a grin.

"Thank god! You're the only other woman in this town with an ounce of class!" Rebekah practically yelled for the whole bar to hear, unaware of the glares from other women in the bathroom.

"I suppose we must get back to our dreadfully dull company," Isabel teased, linking her arm through the originals.


Klaus would be lying if he said he wasn't nervous, he hated feeling so vulnerable but something about the blonde witch made his pulse quicken. Once his little sister and Isabel left the table he felt his body relax, his usual cocky persona returning.

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