After patiently waiting in Isabel's room for what felt like an eternity, Klaus came to the conclusion she wasn't coming back any time soon. Just as the sun was rising Klaus gave up and left the Sterling mansion, not wishing to run into Jason.

Klaus was confused when heard voices in the house when he arrived back home, he decided Rebekah must have Stefan over until he recognized the voice.

"Not even going to great your own brother?" the familiar voice said from behind him, Klaus turned around to see his elder brother standing there with a smile.



Isabel didn't even bother trying to hide how angry she was at her brother as he forced her to accompany him to Gloria's. Jason promised that it would be a fun evening and they should spend more time together.

He had noticed she had been in a mood all day and had decided it would be good for her to have some fun. So Jason made her go the only place in the world she didn't want to go, it hadn't even been twenty four hours since she almost killed Stefan Salvatore.

Isabel only communicated by rolling her eyes and lighting cigarettes, making her stand by not talking the entire drive to Gloria's. Jason didn't acknowledge his sister's silence, his happy expression never faltering.

Isabel insisted on Jason going in before her, saying that she wanted to reapply her lipstick. After arguing they settled that Jason would take the keys so she wouldn't leave him. The truth was that Isabel's red lipstick was perfect and didn't need to be reapplied, she simply didn't want to see the Mikaelson's.

Or Stefan for that matter. Isabel hoped that they wouldn't say anything to Jason, it had taken him convincing to let her go out on her own the previous night and she could only imagine how difficult it would be when he found out she had almost killed someone. 

Isabel mentally rolled her eyes as she entered the bar, her brother already sat comfortably with the Mikaelson's in their usual booth. Stefan next to Rebekah, a man she did not recognize beside her, Klaus and then Jason.

Isabel gave her coat to the man at the front, wishing she could be any where else. Isabel lit another cigarette, something she tended to do when she was nervous. Her heart was calm much to her relief as she approached the table.


"Where is the lovely Isabel?" Klaus asked Jason, trying to not sound to eager at the thought of Isabel. 

Rebekah nodded in agreement, despite what Isabel did to Stefan she did wish to continue being friends. Isabel was a nice girl who knew how to have fun and in the end she hadn't killed Stefan, much to Rebekah's relief.

"She will be in, in a moment. Something about lipstick," Jason grinned, having already been introduced to Elijah. Elijah didn't say much he was more eager to see the girl that his brother seemed head over heels for.

"There she is," Jason smiled when he saw his little sister, she seemed unaware of the eyes on her as she placed a cigarette between her red lips. Her cat like eyes darted around the room until they landed on Jason.

Her eyes scanned over the table before she walked over to them, her nude heel clicking with every step. She was dressed in a nude flapper dress with silver beads and elbow length nude beads to match. She wore no head piece but her blonde hair was perfectly curled.

The beads swung off of her making her lithe walk look even swankier, Jason stood up from the booth and kissed his little sisters cheek as she arrived at the booth.

"Good evening, Isabel. You look darling," Rebekah grinned at Isabel, much to her surprise.

"Rebekah, wonderful to see you. You look lovely as always," Isabel said in her soft tone that Klaus decided reminded him of dripping honey. Sweet and mesmerizing in it's smoothness.

"Isabel," Stefan grinned, expecting to see fear in her green eyes after what she did to him but her eyes were emotionless. Like green marbles.

"This is Nik and I's older brother, Elijah," Rebekah introduced, eager to avoid a reenactment of the previous night.

"Pleasure to meet you, I hope you enjoy Chicago," Isabel smiled, extending her hand to Elijah who softly kissed the back of her gloved hand.

"Believe me, the pleasures mine," Elijah said, a smirk situated on his handsome face.

Klaus couldn't help but glare at his older brother who pretended not to notice, Elijah's smirk never leaving his face. 

"Sister, do sit down," Jason said, gesturing to the seat causing Isabel to roll her eyes.

"You sit on the inside," Isabel said

"The woman sits on the inside," Jason reasoned, his green eyes meeting his sisters identical ones.

"Precisely," Isabel replies easily, knowing he can't win Jason simply slides into the booth.


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