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"You're married?" Isabel hisses out between her teeth at Klaus once Jason goes off to show Rebekah where the powder room. Klaus laughs at this as he swirls the drink in his hand around.

"Rebekah is my sister, Isabel," Klaus says as he looks out the windows out into the large courtyard. He had not been expecting for such a drab business evening to get interesting.

"An original vampire? I thought you were just some baby vampire from Gloria's like that ripper," Isabel says,  irritated her fun little game with him was ruined and now she had to be who she truly was.

 A monster.

"Well i'm not, Isabel. Disappointed i'm going to find out who you really are?" Klaus asked and barely caught her distraught expression in the reflection of the mirror. Before he can turn around and question her Jason returns.

"So what are we talking about?" Jason asks as he picks back up his drink, his sister sends him an adoring look that is as innocent as a daisy. Klaus laughs slightly to himself and slightly shakes his head.

"The weather," Isabel says simply before bringing her champagne glass to her dark painting lips. She downs it in one swift motion before sending Klaus a harsh look and which he innocently smiles at.

"Well before we get down to business I would like to ask you and your sister to attend our annual ball?" Jason asks politely, every year no matter what this time of year Isabel and Jason made it back to Chicago to throw the ball.

Every year is was a spectacle.

"That sounds lovely, we'll be there," Rebekah says from the doorway before going over and sitting down next to Isabel who offers her a drink.

"Before then how would you like to go out to lunch, Isabel?" Rebekah asks the girl that she likes already, any girl that can keep her brother on his toes is a friend to her.

"Sounds magnificent, how's Tuesday?" Isabel asks and Rebekah nods in agreement before taking a sip of the champagne in her glass.

"While the girls make plans lets go talk, yes?" Jason asks gesturing to the doorway, Klaus follows him out the door and through the courtyard.

"Whats your story? I have heard about the significant Isabel Sterling," Rebekah asks once their brothers have left the room. Isabel should have known that the blonde original would want to know.

"Full blooded witch, lost control and killed my coven on a camping trip," Isabel says simply and Rebekah tries to hide her surprise at the bluntness her brother told her about. Rebekah falls silent as she is unsure of what to say.

"Where would you like to go to lunch Tuesday?" Rebekah asks, changing the subject and Isabel is relieved at the change of topic.

"There's a lovely little place in downtown called Mimi's, it's exquisite," Isabel says


Isabel was surprised when she arrived at Mimi's to see Rebekah already waiting. She dressed in a pale pink casual dress accompanied with a black fur. When she walked into the small restaurant she caught Rebekah's attention immediately.

"I cannot believe you got reservations here, Nik and I have to compel ourselves reservations here," Rebekah says once Isabel's coat is taken by the waiter.

"It's just about knowing the right people," Isabel says as she takes a seat across from her new friend.

"You look darling," Rebekah compliments as she flicks through the menu.

"You as well," Isabel says and then she points out her favorite things on the lunch menu. The small popularized place being her favorite place to eat.

"Sweet pea soup please with an ice tea," Isabel orders as she hands the menu to the waiter.

"Chicken soup with iced tea please," Rebekah orders as well and the girls sit comfortably for the next few hours chatting about the ball and what they are going to wear.

"I must say most girls have the unfortunate tendency to be whiny brats, your company is actually enjoyable," Isabel says after they have finished eating, after bantered back and forth Isabel convinced Rebekah to share a slice of chocolate cake with her.

"I agree completely but I must ask what witchy spell have you done on my brother?" Rebekah asks and Isabel raises an eyebrow as if to tell her to continue.

"He's absolutely smitten with you, darling. How do you not see it?" Rebekah asks in shock at Isabel's obliviousness. Isabel slices off a bite of the decadent cake before popping it in her mouth, beating around the question.

"I'm not a plaything, if he wishes to speak to me or spend time with me i'm not opposed. But I am not some floozy from Gloria's," Isabel says bluntly, her intent clear and Rebekah nods in agreement.

"Now what do you say we get some giggle water to take the edge off?" Rebekah says in a lighter tone and which Isabel's responds with by waving down the waiter.


To anyone unsure giggle water is alcohol, it's twenties slang and I thought it was cute. Like, Vote, Comment and all that jazz! And above was Isabel's dress that she wore to lunch.


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