Without it needing to be said, Isabel had humiliated herself on her birthday. Isabel, always known to be composed, couldn't believe that she had allowed herself to be presented to the better part of Chicago in such a way.

After a few hours of consciousness and a glass of water, everything that she said and did came rushing back making Isabel purple in the face with embarrassment.

Thankfully the Sterling had woken up alone and silently thanked the original vampire for not waiting around to tease her. At first she had questioned her sanity of whether or not the original had spent the night, but he had left a note.

Dearest Isabel,

Thankfully you did not die of hypothermia so I felt okay to leave you alone. Please never take pills from Stefan Salvatore again, spoiler alert; it doesn't work out well.

Though I would be happy to hold you again.



Isabel turned bright pink over the note scrawled in his elegant handwriting before crumpling it up and throwing it to the opposite side of the room.


"Out all night, Niklaus. You whore," Rebekah teased as her brother walked into the dining room for breakfast.

"Shush, Rebekah," Klaus growled, sitting down at the the head of the table.

"I'm just kidding, Nik. But please tell me it was Isabel!" Rebekah squealed in an excited tone.

"Yes, do tell," Elijah chimed in, a mocking tone to his voice.

"Do you both want a dagger in you?" Klaus said, looking at the paper.

"Ouch, that hit my right in the feelings," Elijah continued to mock his brother.

"You have feelings for Isabel, Nik. There's nothing wrong with that," Rebekah said in all seriousness to her older brother.

"I don't care for that silly girl. You know what, I will be in my office," Klaus snapped, picking up the paper and his coffee before storming out of the dining room.

"That showed us, brother," Elijah dryly stated.


"Miss. Isabel, a Rebekah Mikaelson is on the phone for you," a maid said as she entered the dining room where Jason and Isabel ate.

Taking the last bite of her grapefruit, Isabel shot the maid a smile before walking into the entryway where the phone sat in a table. Removing her big earring, Isabel set it on the table before bringing the phone to her ear.

"Hello?" Isabel answered, admiring her nails.

"It's Rebekah, can I interest you in some shopping this afternoon?" Rebekah's cheerful tone chirped.

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