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The twenties were by far one of Klaus's favorite eras. The booze, the women, the dancing, the music. It was his playground and he loved every minute of it. Rebekah and Klaus spent a lot of time in a little bar located in Chicago.

It was swanky, it had good music and the atmosphere was enjoyable. Klaus looked around the bar and saw everyone was enjoying there evening. Laughter rang out from every inch of the bar, smoke fluttered through the air and the room smelled thickly of alcohol. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the evening.

Except Isabel Sterling wasn't having any of it.

She sat at the bar with her chin in her hand, swirling around the beverage in her glass before she brought it to her red painted lips and gulped it down in one swift motion. Her golden hair was cut to her shoulders in perfectly pin curls. Green eyes swept across the room in a bored manner, taking in the wild scene with little to no interest.

She was only there because she had no where else to go, she wasn't quite sure what she wanted do. After killing almost everyone in the camp, she ran away from the rumors that circulated in the supernatural community. She desperately wanted to forget the enjoyable feeling she got from killing then the deep and painful remorse.

It did little to no good.

For the most part Isabel found conversation obnoxious and tedious, she rarely found someone she cared to invest attention in. Niklaus watched the bored girl order another drink, he walked over and sat down next to her.She sent him an unimpressed expression before downing another drink.

"Someone so small shouldn't drink so much," he teased thinking she would do what many women of the era would do. Blush and defend herself in a playful manner. He found it quite entertaining when women did that.

"Someone so curious should mind their own business," Isabel retorted, placing her empty glass on the wooden counter. She then sighed and got up to leave, she was in no mood for chit chat.

"Who are you?" Klaus calls after her, her bluntness didn't offend him. It felt honest, not rude. If there was one this Klaus valued it was honesty.

"Your worst nightmare," Isabel mumbles, thinking that he didn't hear.

He did.


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