Isabel Sterling had, had many suitors in her almost twenty years though she had never returned any of their affections. Even though she hated to admit it when she was younger and bored she would find herself play things.

 But as a young girl with her looks and her wealth, any young man would desire her as wife. But Isabel had never wanted to get married and that was usually why things broke off much to her Mother's dismay.

Due to the wealth that Isabel was accustomed to, her rooms from the time she was in diapers were always the size of small houses. In the Chicago mansion Isabel's room was gorgeous, it would be fit to hold a state dinner in.

She had creamy marble floors, a large balcony with extravagant pillars, a piano on a raised area of the room and behind double french doors was her bed, completed with Egyptian silk sheets.

 As stated earlier she had, had many suitors who always made grand gestures to the blonde but none compared to this one.

Klaus Mikaelson had every inch of her bedroom covered with red rose petals.


Klaus had forbidden anyone from using the phone as he anxiously waited for a phone call from Isabel, would she love it? Or would she hate it? She said she really liked him but what if she hadn't meant it that way?

It was safe to say that Klaus Mikaelson felt as if he were losing his mind, he felt as if next he would be picking petals off a flower and saying 'Does she love me or love me not?'.

When the phone rang, Klaus practically lunged for it from across the room where he had been pouring a drink. He had only told his brother of his grand gesture and hoped it would be well received.

"Mikaelson residence," Klaus answered

"Aren't you a sly bastard?" Isabel's velvety tone carried through the line, he could practically hear the smile on her face.

"Whatever are you referring too?" Klaus asked in his best innocent tone, though it wasn't very good because he usually didn't use one.

"Oh, it wasn't you? Do put your brother on the line for he sent me a lovely gift accompanied by a card that reads 'From Mr. Mikaelson'," Isabel teased him, Klaus would probably die if he saw the lovesick expression on his face at that very moment.

"My brother is a romantic, what can I say?" Klaus said, his lips twitched up into a boyish smirk.

"Maybe I can thank him in person?" Isabel said in a soft tone.

"Elijah doesn't kiss strange women," Klaus sighed before hanging up the phone.

"Brother, please leave me out of your odd sexual games for future reference," Elijah said from his place on the couch, not looking up from his book and having heard the entire conversation.

Klaus simply waved him off as he left the room.


Isabel's face was shocked when Klaus turned her own words against her, her mouth fell open when the line went dead.  Isabel had never been turned down like that before, she wanted to be angry but more than anything she was impressed.

But Isabel knew Klaus was feeling smug having thought he won the game but he didn't know, Isabel Sterling never loses.


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