The alleyway was covered in a cloak of darkness, the sound of rain pattering against the two buildings on either side before rolling off. But Isabel and Klaus sat on the floor of the alleyway, leaned up against the wet buildings staring across the unconscious girl at each other.

Their fancy clothes were ruined due to a mixture of blood, rain and wrinkling. Isabel's dress was scrunched up exposing most of her leg, her honey hair slightly disheveled with the once perfect pin waves falling into her eyes. Blood coated the front of Klaus, creating a trail from his mouth to his belly button which ruined his once perfectly crisp, white dress shirt. Yet neither of them payed attention to this as they stared at each other, the silence in the alleyway felt like the loudest thing either of them had ever heard.

Though not a word was uttered after Isabel's declaration of hate which she didn't mean, in fact it was unfortunately the opposite. Isabel wished she could hate the original, her life would be much easier if she could but she knew that she couldn't because in a screwed up way she felt a connection to him. Much deeper than finding him attractive or charming but a darkness in him that was mirrored in her. Though Isabel had shown disgust for his crudeness in a way she craved it, wanting to challenge him and push each other until the weaker one cracked.

Whether that was a healthy way or not to feel about someone, it was how she felt. She wanted to simultaneously kiss him and slit his throat. Never having felt real feelings for another being past finding someone attractive, never laying in bed awake at night aching for the next time she would make eye contact with someone, Isabel came to a conclusion.

She was either slowly treading up the hill towards the peak of insanity or she was falling in love with Klaus Mikaelson.

Klaus was unsure of the twenty year old sitting across from him, she ran just as hot and cold as him but had compassion which was something the original had gradually lost in his nine hundred and something years of walking the earth. Isabel Sterling made him feel unstoppable and vulnerable at the same time with an intensity that made him feel like his heart may explode.

The witch and the vampire had sat like this for what felt like an eternity but in reality had only been a few minutes before Wendy began to stir, groaning as consciousness began to sulk back into her mind.

"Your girlfriends waking up, I should be getting back," Isabel said, placing her hands on the cold pavement as she got her feet under her.

Klaus got up off the ground as well, running his hands through his hair as if his hair was perfect that would excuse the innocent girl's blood on his lips. He watched Isabel intently as she ran her hands over her pin waves, smoothing them back into the original places as well as smoothing her dress.

This is when Klaus noticed the faint outline of handprints, his handprints rather on her elegant arms. Isabel followed his gaze to her arms, sighing deeply before extending her hand towards him.

"Your jacket, I can't go back in with bruises. Jason would lock me up and throw away the key," Isabel said, her tone neutral as if she weren't standing eight and an a half inches away from the most dangerous creature on earth who had just threatened her well being moments ago.

Klaus took of his jacket, careful to not get any blood on it before carefully placing it in Isabel's small hands who slipped her arms into the sleeves. She softly ran her fingertips over the expensive lapels of the jacket, her green eyes softer than usual as she stared at Klaus.

"Are you a mute now?" she softly inquired, though she had meant for the comment to come across sharply. The original opened his mouth the reply but closed it once Wendy stirred again.

"Where am I?" Wendy groaned, not remembering what had happened.

"Good night, Niklaus," Isabel said, her tone once again neutral as she walked out of the alleyway towards the doors of the speakeasy with golden light cascading onto the pavement every time to door opened as well as the upbeat thump of the jazz band.

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