Isabel Sterling's eyes snapped open at exactly 6:15 in the morning as it was just beginning to get light outside. The morning sky still stained with the colors of the night before, Isabel slipped a creme robe over her shoulders as the cold nipped at her bare skin.

Isabel had barely slept the night before because today was her birthday, unlike when she was a child it didn't hold the same amount of excitement. Though she was now twenty years of age, Jason made a point of throwing her a birthday party as if she were still missing her front teeth and hoping for a new doll.

The one thing about the party that Isabel was excited about was the jazz, for big parties Jason always had a band play. The big staircases being their platforms making the party even more grand in addition to the decorations.

Isabel searched through her vanity until she found a cigarette and a match, her face being illuminated by the fire until she blew it out. It always felt like she was getting ready for some silly party she didn't want to go to but she realized her birthday wasn't about her, it was about convincing Jason she wasn't going off the deep end.

He always seemed to be convinced she was about to flip which had been the case in the past but Isabel was determined that was not that case nor would it ever be again.

Or at least she hoped.


Isabel went into the kitchen where all the maids seemed to be buzzing as they prepared for the party, she plucked an apple out of a bowl and tossed it up in the air as she turned to leave the kitchen.

"Miss. Isabel, would you like me to fix you some lunch?" a maid tentatively asked as she watched Isabel with wide eyes. Isabel realized when she didn't smile she wasn't exactly approachable so she tried to smile at the maids.

"No, thank you. Everything looks beautiful though," Isabel said with a megawatt smile before exiting the kitchen, her black heels clicking on the tiles as she made her way to the gardens.

Jason had Elijah and Klaus over today so she wished to avoid where Jason's study was, not wanting to see the Mikaelson brothers. Isabel had spoken to Rebekah briefly over the phone because she valued their friendship, unlike Niklaus who she had decided was a manipulative bastard.

Isabel was walking down one of the long hallways when she saw Jason with the Mikaelson brothers, swiftly she turned the corner once again. Going the other way without catching any attention.

Isabel finally got to the garden after dodging around the three who seemed to be purposely blocking her path. Once out in the gardens Isabel contentedly smiled as she looked at the beautiful fall colors.

All the big trees held vibrant colors, the leaves not having yet fallen it looked like a painting. Perfect and undisturbed. Sitting down on one of the benches, Isabel pulled her sweater tighter around her as a cool breeze gently moved the trees.

The air felt clean as she deeply inhaled, making her lungs sting and her nose turn a light pink.

"Happy Birthday, love," a voice said from the doorway, Isabel turned to see Klaus leaning there watching for who knows how long.

Though she had decided he was a manipulative bastard she couldn't help herself from admiring the way he looked. He was dressed in dress pants, a white shirt and a long jacket that matched his expensive brown shoes.

"Thank you, i'm getting old. Twenty," Isabel said in a light tone, knowing that he was 900+ years.

"Practically on death's door," Klaus said in a sad tone making Isabel laugh.

"How old are you?" Isabel asked curiously, her green eyes peering at him which made him shift uncomfortably.

"About 905," Klaus said making Isabel's eyes widen.

"Wow, you have seen so much. So much culture," Isabel said almost enviously at the thought, especially with her love of music.

"You could as well, become a vampire." Klaus blurted out before he thought.

"I would show you," Klaus added quietly after, he knew she heard because her heart was going a mile a minute.

"I have a feeling that's neither the first or the last time you will say that," Isabel said, smiling softly at him. Klaus couldn't help but have his mind wander back to Aurora, thinking of the similar conversation they once had.

"I will see you at the party tonight," Isabel said after he didn't say anything, walking past him and into the house.

He couldn't help but think that if he were to win Isabel over, it would be more difficult than he could imagine.


I thought back to the conversation that Klaus had with Caroline at the ball so I wanted to show he's a bit of a cheese ball. Lol

Sorry it took so long to update but things are mellowing out with school so expect more frequent updates.

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