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Isabel laid in her bed, staring out the big window where a tree stood. It's branches bare, the colorful leaves had been gone for almost a month. It had also been about a month since Isabel had become engaged to George.

Desperately the two had been trying to talk but either Isabel's Mother or Mrs. Maddox coincidentally appeared, needing their full attention. It was near impossible to be alone with their Mother's breathing down their neck.

Isabel held up her hand in the dark, the moonlight catching the large diamond that felt foreign on her hand. Sighing, Isabel lowered her arm before rolling back on her side practically jumping out her skin when she saw someone in her tree.

Squinting her eyes, Isabel realized it was George so quickly she ran over to the window. Ignoring the sting of the cold air, seeping through her nightgown as if it were not there.

Isabel unlocked the window, swinging it open and holding it so the wind didn't send it flying into George who shivered as he got into Isabel's bedroom. Isabel quickly closed the window, latching the lock.

"What are you doing here?" Isabel hissed in the dark, wrapping her arms around herself in an attempt to warm herself.

"Well I figured we needed to talk considering in three weeks you're going to be my wife," George sarcastically stated, sitting down in a chair.

"It's not happening, George. We're not getting married," Isabel sighed, running a hand through her wavy hair.

Both the bride and groom to be were exhausted, the dark circles underneath their eyes gave them away and both sounded tired.

"Well how do you plan to not doing that? Without being disowned?" George asked, not wanting to marry either.

"That's the thing, i'm going to be disowned," Isabel explained, realizing how crazy she sounded now that she was telling someone.

"What? How will you survive?" George asked, the concept of real work foreign to the privileged young man.

"I have a plan," Isabel lied, "We will go along with everything but you will be alone at the alter,"

"That is humiliating!" George gasped until Isabel hushed him, placing her hand over his mouth.

"Shut up, would you rather be shackled to me for the rest of your life? You play victim for a few months and then you move on," Isabel whispered, not moving her hand from his mouth.

"Fine," George finally said when Isabel removed her hand.

"Good, now leave. I'm tired," Isabel said, feeling a weight lift off her shoulders as she opened the window.

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