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Klaus admired the mysterious blonde who always seemed bored as she looked around the club. Her eyes didn't have the shine of happiness everyone else did, she simply drummed her fingers against the counter as if waiting for the night to be over.

"My, my now who do we have here?" Klaus teased as he took a seat. Isabel's eyes flicked to his for a moment before her plum painted lips curved into a smirk. A light laugh escaped through her lips that reminded Niklaus of a warm summers afternoon.

"Love, will you please tell me your name?" Klaus insisted once again as he had every other night. The past week every night Niklaus would find the girl whose name he so longed to know. She would mostly stay silent but occasionally would playfully banter with him.

"You will get it once you have earned it," Isabel says as she peers into the glass of champagne in front of her. This particular night she was dressed in a black dress that adorned her frame perfectly, her golden hair in it's usual pin curls with a black feathery head piece.

"Well if I cannot get your name would you please do me the honour of dancing?" Klaus asks hopefully as he extends a hand out gently towards her. She looks at his hand for a moment before placing her gloved hand into his.

Klaus led her out to the dance floor and watched in wonder as she danced so perfectly to the song. She shimmied her hips to the smooth jazz and had a flirty smile in Klaus's direction. He was absolutely enthralled by the creature in front of him.

Isabel smiled a genuine smile when Klaus dipped her back, it was the first time he had truly seen her smile. She was a splendid dancer and danced perfectly with Klaus, he never wanted to stop dancing with her and was disappointed when the song ended.

"May I please have one more?" Klaus asked even though 'please' wasn't usually a part of his vocabulary. Isabel laughed slightly before leaning in until her nose brushed up against his, Klaus sharply inhaled at the closeness of her.

"You're still wearing your date, she's lovely," Isabel said quietly before lightly brushing the tip of her tongue along the opening of his mouth. She pulled away and Klaus wiped his mouth of the small amount of blood.

When he looked up she was already by the door, a large fur coat hanging off of her shoulders. Klaus pushed past the people in the crowd but by the time he got to the front door she was already gone. Disappointment coursed through his body as he made his way over to find Rebekah.

He didn't want to be here anymore, the rest of the evening following would be boring compared to the short while he spent with the mystery blonde. Klaus makes his way over to his sister who feeds on a girl with some baby vampire, he's irritated he didn't get the girls name and is no mood for nonsense.

"It's late, Rebekah. We're leaving," Klaus says as he grabs Rebekah's arm, pulling her away from her meal. She roughly yanks away from him.

"Get off me," Rebekah snaps and the baby vampire gets up ready to fight. Klaus would happily rip out his heart to teach him a lesson. The fun light note of the evening was over for him.

"Who is this guy?" the baby vampire asks as he is approaching Klaus. Rebekah becomes worried for her new play thing as he approaches her brother.

"Stefan! Don't! He'll kill you! Nik's a lot stronger than he looks," Rebekah says, standing in between the two men.

"So this is the famous Stefan Salvatore I've been hearing so much about. You're right, he does have funny hair," Klaus says with a condescending smile.

"I'm bored, I want to go," Klaus says to his sister.

"Then go without me, I don't care if your little play thing doesn't want to play," Rebekah says, knowing exactly why her brother wants to leave. Klaus growls slightly at her before grabbing her arm.

"No, you're my sister which means you have to do as I say," Klaus says before grabbing her arm and putting her back to his chest.

Another night he would talk to the ripper but he was busy trying to figure out how to get the mysterious blonde's name. Klaus would just compel it out of her but guessing on the fact that she commented on the blood adorning his lips she's most likely on vervain.

Usually Klaus didn't like games unless he had the upper hand but this one was fun.


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