"You are a monster! You do not deserve to live!" she screamed, blood running from her eyes in a mixture with her tears. Though she physically weakened she did not relent with her words.

"I am not! I never meant to do this!" Isabel cries, clutching her chest that feels like it's about to cave in.

"You are just like him! A killer,"

Isabel let out a cry as she sat up in her bed, her chest burning as it did in that torturous memory. The memories continuously taunting her in the dark room as Isabel blinks away her tears. Before Isabel can do her own home remedy for nightmares, half a bottle of scotch the doors to her bedroom burst open.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you but Mr. Jason said it was urgent. He is in the library," a maid says quickly, her eyes darting every where in the room but at Isabel.

"It is quite all right, I was already awake," Isabel smiles at the nervous maid, in attempt to soothe her nerves. The maid only replies by hurrying out of the room with a polite nod.

Reaching over to the chair beside her bed, Isabel pulls on her silk robe that matches her nightgown. Before going to meet her brother Isabel splashes some cool water on her face in an attempt to calm herself down.

Taking one last deep breath as she exits her room, Isabel braces herself for whatever the troubles are this time. A shiver runs through her body as the ice cold tiles make contact with her bare feet but she didn't bother with trying to find her slippers.

The heavy oak doors that lead to the library are cracked open, light streaming out and on to the tiles at the bottom of the stairs. Isabel can't help but furrow her brows as she hears voices talking back and forth.

"Jason, is everything alright?" Isabel starts before shes even around the corner. But she stops short when she sees Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah with worried expressions with Jason looking troubled himself.

"Isabel, i'm sorry to wake you from your warm bed but it was urgent," Jason says to his little sister, an apologetic smile.

"I was already awake, what is wrong?" Isabel asks, running a hand through her ever intact golden curls. Though her face makeup free still flawless with pink tinted lips and cheeks, her small nose red from the cold.

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