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"Why are you in a fountain?"

"Why are you not in a fountain?


"You look lovely," Rebekah noted from Isabel's bedroom doorway, Isabel met Rebekah's gaze on her vanity mirror.

It was true as well, anyone with eyes could see it. Isabel's delicate frame was adorned with the palest lilac shade dress that was made of tulle that made it look weightless.

Her green eyes were lined with the palest champagne color and her lips painted a vibrant red, her blonde hair held back from her face with a lilac ribbon.

"Thank you," Isabel said with a whisper of a smile, her eyes trailed down to her lap where her hands twitched.

"Are you nervous for your party?" Rebekah asked curiously, concerned by her friends odd behaviour.

"No, I didn't want a party but I know extravagance is Jason's way of showing love," Isabel shrugged, getting up from her vanity to face Rebekah.

"I could think of worst ways," Rebekah observed, brushing her hair out of her face.

"I'm not complaining, I'm just being a big baby. Shall we?" Isabel says, her entire demeanor changing like a flip being switched.

"Isabel-," Rebekah started, not quite sure what to say to her friend who seemed upset.

"You look darling, are your brothers here as well?" Isabel asked, slipping on her short white heels.

"Yes, they are just downstairs with Jason," Rebekah finally said, deciding to drop the topic as Isabel excited her bedroom.


"Isabel," Jason said with a loving, adoring look on his face as his sister walked down the staircase. Isabel had a fake smile situated on her face as her brother kissed her cheek.

"Happy birthday, Isabella," Elijah said, her name rolling off his tongue like molasses as he kissed her cheek. Ignoring Klaus's jealous expression.

"Thank you," Isabel said before turning to Klaus to greet him.

"You look ravishing, love, if you didn't know," Klaus smiled, kissing her cheek as well.

"Thank you, you look very handsome," Isabel said and Klaus couldn't help but compare himself to a twelve year old girl as his heart jumped up into his throat at a silly compliment.

"Isabel, are you sure you are alright?" Rebekah asked once more, still feeling concerned.

"Why? What's wrong? Are you sick?" Jason asked in concern, raising the back of his hand to her forehead.

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