Isabel had never felt more stupid or confused in her life, she was a Sterling. She always had the upper hand, she was always in control and yet when she saw Klaus with that girl she felt her upper hand slip.

Her calm, cool demeanor shattered as hurt leaked through. She had numbly entered her room and threw down her purse, walking towards her bed when she was shocked by her moving reflection in her vanity.

She was crying, Isabel Sterling was crying. In shock Isabel roughly smeared away the tears, dabbing at the blotches covering her usually flawless complexion with a handkerchief.

For one moment Isabel let her head sink down, one choked sob bubbling up as her heart broke in too. She had liked Klaus but hadn't thought that she might actually have feelings for him.

But regardless of him being an original, Isabel was used to men waiting until she decided what she wanted. All her life she had never had her heartbroken by a man, outside of when her Father passed away but that was a different type of heartbreak than this.

Quickly regaining her composure, Isabel Sterling did what she did best. She regained the upper hand. Wiping her cheeks clear of moisture one last time, Isabel picked up the the telephone on her vanity.

"Operator, how may I help you?" A man's muffled voice carried through the telephone.

"I'm calling to the Mikaelsons, Rebekah Mikaelson specifically," Isabel said, her voice smooth and velvety as usual.

"Yes, ma'am. Please hold," the man said before the line went dead. Isabel impatiently drummed her perfectly manicured fingers on the vanity until the phone picked up.

"Hello?" Rebekah's voice drawled through the receiver in her endearing accent.

"Rebekah, it's Isabel," Isabel said in a playfully light tone as she had used early that day with Rebekah and Elijah.

"Isabel, hi...uh, is everything alright?" Rebekah said in a tone that portrayed she was caught off guard by the phone call.

"Of course, silly. The three of us just had so much fun earlier, I was wondering if I might see you at Gloria's?" Isabel asked innocently, her green eyes dangerously reflecting back at her in her vanity mirror.

"Oh, of course! That sounds fun. I will see you then, love," Rebekah said before hurriedly, hanging up the phone.

Rebekah's eyebrows were knitted together as she walked towards the study, her mind turning as she searched for a reasonable explanation for Isabel's actions.

"Elijah," Rebekah said, her pink lips pursed thoughtfully as she sat down opposite of her older brother.

"Yes?" Elijah half kindly responded, not glancing up from whatever book had enveloped his attention.

"Isabel just called the house, asking if we would be going to Gloria's tonight," Rebekah said, confusion evident in her tone.

"Did she now?" Elijah asked in a surprising tone, closing his book as he thoughtfully looked at his sister.

"Yes, I told her we would," Rebekah said in a questioning tone.

"That sounds lovely, she does realize Niklaus will be attending as well?" Elijah asked, though he had only met the blonde a few times he had already cultivated an affection for her.

"I know she does, she's too smart to think otherwise. She didn't sound..upset at all," Rebekah said, lowering her tone.

"Perhaps she didn't see?" Elijah suggested though it was unlikely.

"Oh, she saw. Half of the bloody neighborhood saw that wretched sight," Rebekah dryly stated.


"Sister, are you sure you are well?" Jason asked, glancing at her sideways from the driver's seat of the car. Isabel had been applying a deep burgundy lipstick but froze in midair when her brother asked this.

Isabel looked at her brother for a moment before smiling, the breathtaking smile that any man would kill to have shot in their direction. It was the equivalent to the sun, you felt warm when it shined on you.

"I'm perfectly fine, Jason. I just realized you were right I am a bit of a shut in at times. Having fun wouldn't kill me," Isabel said, sliding the tube of lipstick back into her purse with a reassuring smile.


It was evident that the Mikaelson's were not a happy bunch based off one glance at the booth they all sat in. Rebekah was fuming, her eyes practically burning into the side of Klaus's head as she furiously drummed her fingers on the table.

Klaus ignored his sister's glare and the incessant drumming despite it crawling under his skin which he knew Rebekah was doing just to anger him. Instead he whispered and flirted with the girl that had been at the Mikaelson manor all day.

While boredom over took Elijah as he glanced around the bar, not wishing to intervene with his siblings unless it became life threatening. Though he couldn't help but feel a little irritated that his brother had become the town whore overnight.

"There they are," Rebekah perked up as the Sterling's floated into the speakeasy as if they had just got off a red carpet.

Jason's hair was impeccably jelled as always, his body perfectly tailored with a brand new suit and his expensive watch that caught that light just so practically screamed wealth to any on looker.

While Isabel was dressed in a perfectly tailored cranberry dress that clung to her so perfectly she could be marble, her catty green eyes swept the speakeasy until a beaming smile made it across her face as her eyes met Rebekah's.

"Come, brother," Isabel said softly, knowing the vampires could hear her crystal clear. Linking her arm through her brothers, she made her way towards the Mikaelsons.

"Good evening," Isabel beamed as she arrived to the table, a mischievous smile painted on her lips.  


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