Isabel was informed by her elder brother that he was having guests over to the house today, Jason told her she had no choice in the matter and that they were very important members of the supernatural community.

Isabel then rolled her eyes and went upstairs to find something to where. They lived in a large mansion just a little outside of Chicago that was rather extravagant. Though Isabel payed little to no mind to the life style as she was accustomed to it.

Isabel sat in front of her mirror, a cigarette placed between her lips and her hair in pins to achieve her perfect pin waves. They were some people by the names of Klaus and Rebekah Mikaelson. The names sounded vaguely familiar though Isabel couldn't place her finger on it.

Isabel flicked through her closet until she decided on a dark purple tulle dress with beaded embellishments. Her nails were already painted a pale pink and she decided on a white feather head piece.

"Isabel, will you be ready soon?" Jason asked as he peaked his head into her room, his eyes playfully covered with his hand. Isabel laughed at her elder brothers antics.

"You may look, i'm decent," Isabel laughs as she puts out her cigarette. Her brother removed his hand from his eyes to reveal his handsome face.

He had the same pale green eyes as his sister and fair expression. But he had dark brown hair unlike his sisters golden locks.

"The Mikaelson's will be here soon, finish getting ready," Jason said and his sister took this this time to see what he was wearing. His dark brown hair was slicked back with gel and he was dressed in a nice tuxedo.

"You look very handsome," Isabel said from her vanity, picking up a dark purple color to paint her lips with. Even though it was the fashion she was never one for very dark eye makeup. She didn't have the big round eyes that everyone wanted but almost cat like eyes with a daring touch that somehow looked perfect on her.

"Thank you sister, you always look beautiful," Jason said before ducking out of the room to leave his sister to get ready. Isabel pulled her pins out of her hair and ran her fingers through them before carefully placing the feathery head piece on.

She slipped on her dress and heels quickly, knowing that their guests would be here any moment. She placed a cigarette between her lips, lighting it as she walked down the large marble steps into the dining room.

"There she is," Jason said and Isabel looked up from her cigarette in surprise to see the irritating bloke from the bar with his...wife? Isabel's eyes widen before a small polite smile found it's way onto her face.

"Sly devil," Isabel says under her breath and Klaus is shocked to see the blonde from the bar. She looks magnificent and he couldn't wait to hear her name, Klaus hears her comment under her breath and smirks at her.

"Klaus, Rebekah, this is my sister, Isabel," Jason introduces as he's completely unaware of the connection between Klaus and Isabel. Klaus finds her name to fits her perfectly and he's never been so eager to hear a name in his entire life.

"Isabel," Klaus says, rolling her name over his tongue like a fine wine, "it's a pleasure,"

"It's all mine," Isabel says as she raises a daring eyebrow at Klaus.

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