Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

       Laughlin still hadn't remembered a single thing and the nurses tried doing everything to jog his memory. However, nothing was working. He was getting really frustrated about it because he wanted to know what his mom said to him and why he didn't fight back.

       When he was released from the hospital, I left school early to take him home. Both his grandparents were working and I didn't want them missing work, so I assured them that my teachers would be fine with me leaving early. All my dad had to do was call the school and explain to them why I was leaving.

       Right as I walked in the hospital, Laughlin stood up from the chair he was waiting on. The bruises he had was barely visible, but the cut near his eye was still there. "Hey," he said once he walked over to me. "Thanks for picking me up."

       "Of course," I said. "Are you still in pain?"

       "Only a bit," Laughlin said. "My ribs were broken and it's still hearing. If I move too much, it hurts so I really appreciate you picking me up."

       "No problem," I said. "Ready to go?" He nodded, so we walked out of the hospital and went to my car. I drove him to his house, where he begged me to stay with him for a while. I sighed and agreed since he just got released from the hospital where he was very lonely, even though I visited quite often.

       When we were inside his house, we sat down together on the couch after Laughlin turned on the TV. His family wasn't going to be home for another hour or so, so we had some time to ourselves.

       "Can I just say how much I love you?" Laughlin said randomly.

       I snorted and looked at him. "That's a bit random."

       "Not really," Laughlin said. "It's never a random time to say I love you. Never."

       I rolled my eyes before pressing my lips onto his. "I love you, too. Now let me watch the movie."

       Laughlin kissed my head before wrapping his arm around me. I rested my head on his shoulder, smiling to myself. I loved being with Laughlin. It was an amazing feeling, and it was even better since Mary no longer hated our relationship.

       A few minutes before the movie finished, Laughlin's grandparents and brothers walked in, all of them soaking wet. "The rain is coming down like crazy," Lisa said. "I hope it won't be like this over the weekend. Speaking of, is the next round tomorrow, Laughlin?"

       "No, thank goodness," Laughlin said. "My doctor told me that it wouldn't be smart taking part in boxing for the next week. It's next week and even then, I'm going to have to be careful."

       "Good," Lisa said as she took over her coat and hung it up on the coat rack. "How are you feeling?"

       "Better," Laughlin said. "But if I move around to much, my ribs will hurt. I'm just going to take it easy this weekend."

       Nick sat down on the couch, his eyes looking at the TV. "I love this movie!" he said with a smile.

       Munro sat between Laughlin and Nick, holding Munchkin. "But it's almost over. Can you start it over, Laughlin?"

       Laughlin sighed, reaching for the remote. "Fine." They were lucky the movie was a few minutes to finishing otherwise Laughlin would have refused to start it over.

       Normally, I hate watching movies two times within a week, let alone a day, but I didn't mind this time around. 

       However, right as the movie finished, I looked at the time on my phone. It was almost five o'clock, which meant I had to be home. Dad was fine with me taking my time getting home from school, but I always had to be home before five.

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