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This takes place a few days before the first chapter.


     Things hardest thing about dating someone is knowing there could be a possibility of breaking up. Even if you were determined that the were the one. Even if you could always see yourself working out.

       And the hardest thing about knowing there could be a possibility is facing the possibility. And now, I had to find a way to go through with it. Things were changing between me and Laughlin. I knew it was, but I didn't know about him. I still liked him, but only as a friend. I rarely thought of him as my boyfriend.

       "Alright, two cups of flour," Elliot said as she began scooping the flour in the bowl. "Mary, remind me while you're making us do all the work."

       I shrugged. "I suck at baking, so I really appreciate it."

       "Yeah, you told me we were going to be watching a movie," Laughlin said. "This is not a movie."

       "Sorry I lied," I said. "I knew you two wouldn't come and help me if you knew the truth."

       "Help?" Elliot asked. "We're doing all the work!"

       "You two love me anyway," I said.

       When I said that, I couldn't help but notice the look Laughlin had. It was kind of resentful. I knew he probably didn't like me anymore, but both of us were too chicken to break up with the other.

       Things suddenly broke into an awkward silence. What a great way to bake a birthday cake for my mom. With awkwardness.

       "Hey, Ellie," Laughlin suddenly said, which made me frown. He always gave her nicknames whether it be 'Ellie' or 'El'. He never gave me a nickname. Not even a couple one like babe. "You have something on your nose."

       With a confused look, Elliot touched her nose. "What? No, I don't."

       "Yeah," Laughlin said, dipping his finger in the cake batter and wiping it on her nose. "There."

       Elliot broke into a grin, which made Laughlin smile as well. And that smile that Laughlin gave her was one of the smiles any girl wanted a boy to give her.

       I couldn't believe it.

       My boyfriend is in love with my best friend.

       It explained a whole lot. How whenever it was the three of us hanging out, he would always sit beside her, not me. How he would only pay attention to her, not me. Why didn't I notice it sooner? More importantly, how could he fall in love with my best friend? What did Elliot have that I didn't have?

       "Um, I'll be right back," I said, getting up from the chair I was sitting on and going to the washroom. I pulled out my cell phone and called the one person who could help me.

       "Hello?" Jerry Winston answered. 

       "Jerry, I need your help," I said. My best friend had a crush on Jerry and if she was going to take away my boyfriend without even trying, I was going to take away her crush.

       Jerry scoffed. "Yeah, why should I help the girlfriend of the boxer who is going up against me in a few days?"

       "It has to do with Laughlin," I said. "What would you do if I told you there's a way you can throw him off his game? Not for the upcoming match, but possible ones afterwards."


       "I need your help getting me to break up with him," I said.

       "Why do you want to break up with him?" Jerry asked.

       I sighed. "I can't explain. So, will you help me?"

       "One thing I don't get," Jerry said, causing me to sigh. Would he just agree to it already? "How would me helping you through him off his game."

        "Simple," I said with a smile. "He needs to catch me cheating on him with his enemy."


The bonus chapters are probably going to be short. They're just because I feel like writing and so you guys could see things that I imagined, but never made it in the story. Next bonus chapter will be the day before chapter one.

I'm also going to be writing some Random Facts about the story. (: Things about characters or even characters that I planned, but never made it in the story.

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