Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

       "Grayson, hurry!" I said, leaning over the seat and punching his shoulder. "It's starting soon and I have to wish him good luck!"

       "I swear, Elliot, punch my shoulder one more time and you'll feel pain," Grayson snapped at me. "It just healed and I don't need you bruising it."

       I sighed, leaning back in my seat. "Sorry, I'm just anxious to see Laughlin fight. He might have a chance at taking it home this year."

       "Remind me why I'm here," Poppy said.

       "Elliot needed a ride and your my date," Grayson said.

       "It's not a dance, I'm not your date," Poppy pointed out. "You literally picked me up and threw me in the car."

       "What do you see in my cousin?" I asked Poppy. "He's a jerk."

       Grayson scoffed. "At least I'm dating someone."

       "What makes you think I'm not dating someone?" I asked. "I have a boyfriend."

       "Imaginary?" he asked. "That doesn't count. And you can drive, so how come you're forcing me to drive you?"

       "Because I have a ride after the matches today and I didn't want to leave my car there," I said.

       "And your ride couldn't drive you there because...."

       I sighed, not even bother explaining. I couldn't wait to see Laughlin fight today. I wasn't that worried that he would lose since it was the first round.

       Finally, Grayson pulled into the parking lot and parked the car. "Now my shoulder can take a break from getting punched," Grayson said.

       When we got inside, I began looking around for Laughlin. This place was packed so it took me a while. In fact, I wasn't the one who found him. Someone suddenly tapped on my shoulder, so I turned to see Laughlin. "What took you so long?" he asked.

       "I had a slow driver," I said, gesturing to Grayson who had his arm around Poppy.

       "It's hard driving with someone punching my shoulder," Grayson said. "You know I got shot there."

       I swatted my hand and turned back to Laughlin. "Nervous?" I asked.

       "Not really," Laughlin said. "But if I end up going against Jerry for the first round, then I will be."

       "They won't do that," I said. "They make many from having people watch and bet. You and Jerry and the two best ones so far and if one of you lose first round, a lot of people won't show because they want to see you two fight."

       Laughlin put his arm around me and gave me a side hug. "You know how to make me feel better," he said. "I should get ready. It's about to start."

       "Good luck," I said, giving him a kiss before he headed to the changerooms.

       "Wow, you and Laughlin," Grayson said. "What ever happened to Mary, his girlfriend?"

       "It's a long story," I said.

       "Didn't he cheat on her?" Poppy asked me, referring to what I told her when we went to the mall.

       "Actually, no," I said. "She cheated on him because she knew he liked me."

       Grayson raised an eyebrow. "So he liked his girlfriend's best friend. That's not messed up at all."

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